Menstruation problems can wreak havoc in your life. If you’re struggling to overcome issues with your monthly cycle, know that taking birth control pills is not necessarily your only OR your best option for treatment.

Introduction: My Experience with Period Problems


I have one healthy child. I’ve had two miscarriages and 1 stillbirth. I’m not infertile, but my babies only survive for about three months in the womb. As a 39 year old woman, I’ve made peace with my past, but it’s upsetting now to think that my menstrual cycle problems and infertility issues could have been resolved through a simple parasite cleanse every six months and daily iodine supplementation.


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Before I say anything else, it’s important that you know that you should NEVER take wormwood during pregnancy.

Wormwood, the most potent anti-parasitic herb is unique in that it’s an emmenagogue. It facilities menstrual activity, clearing up female menstrual cycle problems. Even though it facilitates menstrual activity, that doesn’t mean that it will make you have extended menstrual periods, heavy periods, or cause you to get your period before it’s due. Rather, it will help regularize your periods.

Before doing a parasite cleanse, I was getting my period every two weeks. This was odd for me. Normally my cycle was between 25 and 32 days. I was waking up at night having night sweats around 3:00 AM every night. I thought perhaps I was going through menopause (even though I was only in my mid-30’s). After we realized that we had intestinal parasites and we started taking the wormwood concoction, I could tell that I wasn’t going to get my period in two weeks like I had been. It was like my hormones came back after having been absent for several months.


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My 15-year-old daughter’s periods had been affected by intestinal parasites too. She started skipping periods, which was strange for her. Her cycle was very regular at 27 to 30 days normally, but before we did a parasite cleanse she didn’t get her period for 6 weeks or not at all sometimes. Shortly after starting our cleanse, she got her period (on schedule). It was a little heavy, but nothing out-of-control considering that she’d skipped her period for a month and a half.

Wormwood is often prescribed by herbalists to regularize periods and simply help women with menstrual problems. It’s possible that the stuff works because it also rids the body of certain types of parasites that have made their way up into the uterus and fallopian tubes, hijacking normal menstrual activity and hormone balance. For several years prior to our parasite cleanse, I’d used Vitex Berry (also known as Chaste Berry) to keep my periods regular (read more about vitex berry for female reproductive health here). Vitex Berry is supposed to be especially helpful to women after menopause, but as a pre-menopausal woman, it was just helping me keep my periods regular. Vitex did a good job for a long time. If I stopped taking it, I would have cycle problems and my periods would come at unexpected times. But once this parasite infection set in, Vitex did nothing for me. And honestly, I didn’t expect for wormwood to help me as much as it did. I took it four to five times a day along with other herbs including black walnut and cloves, which is recommended if you don’t know what’s causing frequent menstrual periods or other menstrual cycle or reproductive issues and suspect that parasites may be the issue. Read my article called Treatment for Parasites to take a look at the herbal recipe that I used to get rid of intestinal parasites as well as some over-the-counter anti-parasitics that work even more quickly than herbal treatments.

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Ironically, wormwood can cause an abortion if taken during pregnancy. If you suspect that you have parasites and you’re pregnant, consider taking Diatomaceous Earth rather than wormwood to cleanse your system. I’ll address infertility issues in my next article, Infertility and Parasites. If you think you may have parasites affecting your menstrual cycle or reproductive organs, read this article called Treatment of Parasites.



UPDATE 2020: It’s been years since I wrote this post, and I’ve learned so much about parasites and women’s health. The information in this post is still correct, but I need to add that all American women and most women all across the world need more than just anti-parasitics to get rid of a parasite issue. Indeed, getting rid of parasites is the beginning of regaining overall health. Women who are having menstrual issues, particularly AMERICAN women who are having menstrual issues need to learn more about the role of Iodine in reproductive health. If you’re having menstrual issues, you need to get either Lugol’s iodine or Iodoral to treat the problem (the over-the-counter iodine at the pharmacy only contains iodine, but you need iodine + potassium iodide). Iodine supplementation can help you lose weight, boost libido, clear up foggy-headedness, get rid of fibrocystic breasts and painful pre-period breasts (and other symptoms of PMS), and increase infertility because it helps your body balance both reproductive hormones as well as thyroid hormones. It also happens to have anti-parasitic powers. I’m speaking from personal experience about this! My breasts used to be so painful at times that it would hurt to go for a jog, but iodine eliminated that problem completely (and, I lost 10 pounds literally without even trying). But before you start supplementing with iodine, be sure you read a bit about about this important trace mineral so you know what to expect from your inevitable bromine detox! Read Dr. Brownstein’s book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It and/or Lynne Farrow’s book The Iodine CrisisAnd don’t miss our article about what every woman needs to know about the connection between Iodine and breast Cancer and other reproductive organ cancers. I put 20 drops of 2% iodine on my wrist every day OR I take a 50 mg Iodoral pill. It’s literally changed my life! Proper iodine levels during pregnancy and lactation lead to smarter children! (Children and men, by the way, should also be supplementing with iodine). Women who are having issues with menstruation or fertility should also consider supplementing with vitamin B12 because a deficiency of this vitamin can also lead to all kinds of health problems including fertility issues. Vitamin B12 deficiency is particular common in women who are vegan.


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