Natural Treatment Options for Interstitial Cystitis


I had problems with cystitis starting when I was a little girl. When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be like my dad and so I tried lifting some of his weights. I ended up with a hernia from my weight-lifting escapade and I was misdiagnosed by doctors for 6 months. This supposedly predisposed me to cystitis.


I would get a urinary tract infection about every three months after my daughter was born. Doctors theorized about my problem. One doctor told me it had to do with sexual intercourse. Another told me I had “Reiter’s Syndrome”. Yet another told me I had fibromyalgia.


Once I realized that doctors were not going to help me solve my problem, I started looking more closely at my lifestyle.


I decided to stop drinking coffee.


It wasn’t uncommon for me to drink 3 pitchers of coffee a day at the time when I decided to quit. I had often wondered if coffee causes bladder irritation, but I was addicted. After months of bladder irritation, I was ready to quit drinking coffee despite my addiction. Since I quit drinking coffee, I stopped having UTI’s. As of the time of this writing, I haven’t had a UTI in ten years.


What’s interesting about coffee though is that coffee and parasites go together. Intestinal parasites thrive in an acidic environment and coffee definitely acidifies the body. And whenever I would feel “foggy headed” (a symptom of parasites and also a symptoms of bromine toxicity/iodine deficiency–read more about how I cured my own chronic interstitial cystitis here) I would just drink more coffee. That’s why I ended up drinking 3 pitchers of the stuff per day! I couldn’t help myself. Other symptoms of a parasite infection could have tipped me off (or tipped off my doctor, if any of them had known anything about parasites at all). Once, for about 3 months, I was afflicted with a strange health issue that locked up my joints. I couldn’t even pull up the blankets on my bed because my elbows hurt too badly. I went from running marathons to barely being able to walk up a hill very slowly. Of course, the doctor I went to told me I had fibromyalgia, but I’d noticed that drinking certain sports drinks that were filled with electrolytes would help just slightly. I ignored the diagnosis. I went home and worked with my electrolyte drinks. I kept walking and moving and  thinking and looking for answers. Eventually, the problem went away, through much effort, hydration, and exercise, but now, I think it’s very likely that I had a proliferation of parasites (due to a recent move to high altitude perhaps and a change in my gut flora?). I think that slowly, my body adapted to the infection and re-established a balanced ecology that I could live with, at least for a period of time.

I’m compelled to wonder about Reiter’s Syndrome and parasites. This is a disease that apparently has no cure. Doctors claim that the disease is caused by bacteria, but the fact is, bacteria, viruses, and parasites all live as neighbors in the intestine. Is it possible that the bacteria that have been implicated actually destroy other, beneficial bacteria causing a proliferation of parasites in the intestines or other areas of the body? The only reason why I propose this theory and why I think it might deserve attention is because you can get rid of parasites, but doctors can’t offer you anything to get rid of the bacteria that causes Reiter’s Syndrome. I have no scientific proof about this, but the possibility is worth considering. In other words, you can (theoretically, if parasites are indeed the cause of your symptoms) cure yourself of Reiter’s Syndrome by doing a parasite cleanse. The easiest way to do a parasite cleanse is to purchase pyrantel pamoate online and follow the dosage instructions to do a 3 day, 1 dose per day cleanse once a month until you feel like the parasite problem is under control.


And just as an addendum to the thoughts on Reiter’s Syndrome, I want to add that I’ve noticed that alopecia areata is a symptom that a lot of Reiter’s Syndrome sufferers experience alongside the other unpleasant symptoms of their “disease”. Hair loss is another sign of parasite infection. Before I discovered my own problem with parasites about 8 years ago, about 2/3 of my hair fell out with no explanation. Just sayin’. (I do bi-annual parasite cleanses now and no longer suffer from any of these problems).


D-Mannose Powder 6 oz (170 g) Yeast Free by Now Foods

NOW D-Mannose Powder, 6 oz

It’s icky to consider parasites, but did you know that certain worms crawl out of your ass and lay eggs and then “get lost” and crawl back up the “wrong hole”? Gross, I know, but true. Worms in the bladder can cause all kinds of havoc. You can imagine it, I’m sure. The presence of parasites could cause a UTI by destroying beneficial bacteria and then creating a space in the ecological environment for harmful bacteria. Your doctor won’t look for parasites in the bladder unless he or she is more open-minded than the average practitioner. Diagnostic tests for parasites are lacking or very poor so if you go to a doctor for a diagnosis, don’t expect for him/her to find anything. My acupuncturist (a woman who went to school to become an acupuncturist after struggling with unbearable cystitis for several years…acupuncture cured her, by the way) told me to take D-Mannose every day to prevent and treat UTI’s and cure interstitial cystitis. D-Mannose isn’t harmful to the body’s ecology like antibiotics are and the stuff is cheap. It worked well for me during that initial time period when I was having recurrent UTI’s. I no longer need to use it because I don’t have cystitis or chronic UTI’s anymore.

DMSO and Cystitis

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is an FDA-approved treatment for cystitis. It is so safe that it is an approved treatment for pregnant women who are suffering from the disorder. Indeed, if you go to a doctor and they prescribe this treatment, they’ll inject it directly into your bladder using a catheter, but you can do the same treatment by simply drinking DMSO with water. A substantial percentage (40% or more) of the DMSO that you drink will end up in the bladder. After it arrives there, it will help soothe the bladder and even treat a bladder infection if you have one. The remainder of the DMSO will go to other parts of the body that might need this medicine.

DMSO is an amazing medicinal substance that’s derived from trees. It’s affordable and anyone can order it online. It is extremely non-toxic and it works by detoxifying and de-infecting cells. It’s so good at what it does that transplant organs are stored in DMSO prior to transplantation. DMSO is a powerful solvent which means that it combines with almost everything. This can be both good and bad. If you combine it with low-dose chemotherapy treatments for cancer, DSMO will strengthen the chemo and it will also transport it directly to where it’s needed most (cancer cells). When combined with toxic ingredients, like acetone in fingernail polish or certain ingredients in fragrances used to make soaps, or the dyes in certain fabrics, DMSO will do the same (it will transport the toxins to cells that are already ailing). So always use DMSO with clean, filtered water. If you apply it to the skin, rinse the skin first with clean filtered water and skip the soap. Also, don’t put clothes on over an area that’s been treated with DMSO for at least 15 minutes to prevent the DMSO from carrying ingredients from the dyes into your body.

To use DMSO to treat cystitis, get a clean glass of water. The water glass should actually be made of GLASS and not plastic (because DMSO can react and combine with certain types of plastic). Always use no-odor DMSO or else your breath will smell strongly of rotten oysters. Take 1 syringe-full of DMSO in water until you start to feel relief from your symptoms.

DMSO is a diuretic, so it will make you have to pee more frequently, but you should notice that the cystitis irritation subsides over time. Because DMSO also can be used to kill infectious organisms, you can use this substance to treat urinary tract infections too. I’ve used DMSO with MMS to cure everything from cancer to malaria and I’ve used DMSO by itself and with other substances to cure fungal ear infections and even a severe cat bite. Doctors who use DMSO regularly in their practice say that this substance could be used to develop an entirely new system of medicine, it’s so versatile and powerful and I would believe that. I never leave home with it!

Iodine and Cystitis

Maybe you eat iodized salt and you think you’re getting enough iodine in your diet. But if you’re an American, it’s very unlikely that you’re getting the iodine that you need. I say that with confidence because the United States is the only country in the world that still allows farmers to us methyl bromide as an insecticide on crops. Bromine is used in swimming pools, it’s used as a fire retardant on children’s clothing and furnishings, and it’s in citrus drinks like Mountain Dew and Gatorade as Brominated Vegetable Oil. Bromine is also in commercial bread products made with white flour. Bromine competes with iodine in the body. And bromine can cause all kinds of problems including thyroid issues and obesity or unexplained weight gain. Iodine is a big topic and I talk about it in depth in an article I wrote about the very clear relationship between iodine deficiency and breast cancer and other reproductive cancers. Even if you don’t have cancer, please read this article so that you can understand the importance of iodine supplementation. Chances are, if you have cystitis, iodine deficiency and bromine toxicity play a role in it.

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Iodine supplementation changes women’s lives. But one of the first things that you’ll probably notice when you start supplementing with iodine is the fact that your bladder initially becomes MORE irritable. Indeed, cystitis is one of the detox symptoms that happens as bromine is pushed out of the body by the iodine. Again, I recommend that you read my article about iodine and cancer to learn more about how to take iodine supplementation and what to expect during the detox process. If you suffer from brain fog or fibromyalgia or other health issues of any kind, iodine supplementation and a parasite cleanse is your starting block, but your cystitis may get worse initially. Once you’ve completed the detox though and you’re up to daily maintenance doses of Iodoral 50 mg, chances are your cystitis will be greatly improved.

I continue writing about cystitis and creative treatment options that are available to anyone at home in my article title What is cystitis? This article includes a list of cystitis cures that you can use to get on with your life when you doctor sends you home with no viable options for overcoming the problem.

Birth Injury and Cystitis

Last month (2020), I was hired to write a paper for doctors about birth injuries that can happen to mothers during labor. This paper was an educational piece explaining that women sometimes experience a variety of problems in their pelvic regions following the birth of their children. Apparently, this is news to a lot of doctors. And doctors are supposed to suggest surgery as the cure-all for birth injuries to the mother. But I would suggest instead that women consider using a Yoni Egg, visceral manipulation, or acupuncture to work with prolapsed organs (I talk more about acupuncture and visceral manipulation for organ prolapse in the What is cystitis? article.) rather than risking a surgical procedure. Also, any woman who is considering surgical repair needs to make sure that they do NOT have mesh installed in their organs. Watch the documentary The Bleeding Edge for more information about how the mesh and other medical devices destroy women’s lives rather than curing disease.


If you have other girl problems like irregular or heavy periods, endometriosis, infertility, extreme cramps, heavy bleeding, etc., then taking iodine supplements and doing a parasite cleanse with wormwood would be good for you, but I’ll save that information for the next article, Menstrual Problems and ParasitesAlso, take a look at Treating Parasites to learn how to get rid of them.

Neural Therapy for Cystitis

If you’ve ever had surgery, especially in the pelvic region of the body, the scar tissue and “adhesions” could be causing you to experience cystitis. Neural Therapy doctors are medical professionals who inject Procaine (a type of local anesthetic), into Sympathetic Nervous System nerves that serve the bladder area. This type of medical doctor can inject scar tissue with procaine to instantly relieve problems like cystitis, but even if you don’t have scar tissue from pelvic surgery, Neural Therapy may be able to help you. Any kind of severe illness or even emotional trauma or stress can lead to cystitis. And Neural Therapy can help you overcome the problem.

Castor Oil Packs

Edgar Cayce was a medical intuitive who recommended a variety of treatments to patients who had no other options available to them from conventional medicine. One of the treatments he often recommended for chronic pain issues in the pelvis and abdomen was Castor Oil packs. Castor Oil packs (3-6 pieces of flannel soaked in hexane-free Castor Oil–store it in the fridge and reuse the pack over and over again for up to 6 months) can be placed over the abdomen with a heating pad to help quell cystitis.

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