Cystitis is one of those diagnoses that people don’t like to talk about. Unfortunately, this works to our disadvantage if we’ve received a taboo diagnosis (like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as another example) with no known cause and no known cure because it’s through word-of-mouth (not your doctor) that you’re most likely to hit upon a combination of treatments that will work for you. It’s taken me many years to discover the root of my cystitis problems.

Below are a list of lifestyle changes I made over about a decade’s time to help relieve my cystitis. The one’s listed below made the biggest difference in my symptoms:

-Eliminating caffeine

-Taking D-Mannose powder every day

-Drinking plenty of water

-Doing yoga every day (for 5 to 60 minutes, depending on my schedule)

-Eliminating dairy (gluten caused swelling in my intestines which put pressure on my bladder)

-Eliminating gluten (gluten caused swelling in my intestines which put pressure on my bladder)

-Eliminating trans fats (also known as trans fatty acids, they cause increase the acidity of urine)

-Taking Vitex Berry (also known as chaste berry. Vitex Berry helps regulate female hormones which seems to help)


Below are alternative medical treatments that I’ve used to help relieve cystitis. All were effective though they didn’t cure the problem:


My acupuncturists was a magazine editor who suffered from cystitis. Her doctor couldn’t find a cure, but she went to an acupuncturist and finally found relief. It made such a huge difference in her life that she decided to quit her job and study acupuncture. Her name is Robin and she works at Acupuncture Boulder in Boulder, CO.

-Steam Room or Temazcal

If you drink plenty of water, the steam room (known as a temazcal in Mexico) can help your body eliminate toxins. This treatment is also worth considering if you suffer from other inflammatory problems like fibromyalgia or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My favorite temazcal is in Guanajuato Mexico.


The most profound changes for me occurred after I did a parasite cleanse. Apparently, my husband, daughter, and I had been host to hookworms and pinworms, probably for many years. These worms primarily live in the intestines, but they crawl out of your anus at night and, in women especially, sometimes crawl back up inside the wrong hole. Women may suffer from cystitis, menstrual irregularities, or both as a result of parasites. Doctors in the United States aren’t educated about intestinal parasites and prescription medications for worms are especially toxic and ineffective. Diagnostic tests are primitive and unreliable. Many patients who believe they have parasites get tested, but the tests come out negative (even though they do, indeed, have a parasite infection). Many patients with diseases like IBS or Lupus just have to live with their symptoms and hope for the best. Read more about why doctors don’t tell patients about parasites here.