What is a Detox Reaction (aka Die-Off Reaction)?

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for any disease.

A detox reaction can feel a lot like the flu. In fact, often people think that they’ve caught the flu, but actually, their body is just overwhelmed with toxicities that are being removed quickly. One of the most helpful tools to get through detox quickly is an enema, which keeps toxins moving out of the body to hasten your recovery.

We’ve been taught to believe that when our bodies feel good, we’re healthy and when our bodies feel bad, we’re sick, but this isn’t always the case.  A Healing Crisis, also known as a Detoxification Reaction or Herxheimer Reaction occurs when the body begins the natural process of healing itself. When toxins are released into the circulatory system by pathogens that are dying, rather than feeling better, a patient going through a Healing Crisis feels worse. That’s because the kidneys, skin, and digestive system can’t rid the body of the toxins fast enough, leaving them in circulation to cause nausea, fatigue, headaches, fever, and general malaise.

Toxins that are released into circulation can come from a variety of different sources. A successful program designed to kill off invading pathogens in the body can lead to a Herxheimer Reaction when they die in vast numbers releasing endotoxins into the body.  When the body isn’t used to ridding itself of these endotoxins in large quantities, discomfort results. As the body gets healthier and becomes more accustomed to undertaking this process of detoxification, the Healing Crisis becomes less pronounced.

Most Common Symptoms Associated with the Healing Crisis:


-Nausea and vomiting


-Increased Blood Pressure



-Night Sweats

-Hot or Cold Flashes

-Joint Pain

– General feeling of malaise

Other Healing Crisis Causes:


A number of treatment modalities can set off a Healing Crisis from Kangen Water to the use of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). Reiki and acupuncture can both elicit a detox reaction associated with healing. Homeopathy and the act of fasting or juicing can also bring on this kind of reaction. A Herxheimer Reaction can take place in response to physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. Even certain hypnotherapy treatment methods can cause a Detoxification Reaction brought on by profound emotional healing.

A change to your diet that includes foods that contain probiotics or coconut, or recently added herbal or vitamin supplements to your daily regime can bring on a Healing Crisis. Fasting and juicing can also elicit this sort of physical response, as well as psychotherapy, and other emotion-based treatments.

If you find yourself in the throes of a major Healing Crisis, back off a little bit on the detoxification process. Drink plenty of water, do a coffee enema, and get plenty of rest to facilitate the healing process and move past the Herxheimer Reaction to a healthier you.



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