Erectile Dysfunction can have a profoundly negative impact on a man’s life. But sometimes the cure for ED is all about not taking certain prescription or over-the-counter medications that disrupt blood flow. Or in finding the right combination of herbs to treat the problem. If you’re not keen on taking Viagra for ED, there are a wide variety of powerful herbal remedies for ED to choose from.

Introduction to Finding an Erectile Dysfunction Cure:


When I was working through my graduate psychology courses, I had to choose a set of psychopathologies that I would summarize for my class as a presentation and then give a seminar about them. All the members of the class had to choose, but I was gone on the day when everyone picked their topic. I was in the hospital having a miscarriage. When I returned, the topic that was left for me was Sexual Dysfunctions.


I was okay with this actually, despite the fact that all my classmates were already uncomfortable with me because I had had a miscarriage (psychologists are notoriously fearful of things related to sex and death—that’s why they study it—I didn’t finish the program, by the way). Sexuality is infinitely important and having a healthy sex life, I believe, is a big part of being healthy overall. But nevermind my personal beliefs about sex and sexuality. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and ways of doing things. What does perturb me, though, is that a number of pharmaceuticals today contribute to the so-called Sexual Dysfunctions that have been dubbed “psychological” in origin. Both men and women suffer needlessly, feeling like failures in bed or even in their relationship as a whole because of a simple reaction to very common drugs.


But First…Drugs That Cause ED


One such drug that causes sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (also known as “ED”) is Sudafed or pseudoephedrine (phenylephedrine and other drugs that end with -ine can cause erectile dysfunction too). When you have a cold or allergies, pseudoephedrine works by opening the bronchioles (the little tubes that lead into the lungs). Makes sense, but what a lot of men don’t realize is that pseudoephedrine/Sudafed and other related drugs are also vasoconstrictors. (Yikes!) You need good blood flow to have an erection. Any drug that constricts the blood vessels could be a cause for ED. Lots of men have a negative reaction to pseudoephedrine, Claritin, and meds that have an impact on blood flow but their doctors, and pharmaceutical ads don’t educate patients about the possibility that this could happen. So men believe there’s something really wrong with them and either go to the doctor (where they receive a prescription for Viagra) or they just hope the problem will go away. Sometimes, if a man believes they have a psychological problem that’s causing the ED and they don’t discover the actual origin, the ED problems could conceivably persist after the initial bout that was caused by pseudoephedrine.


Several years ago, my husband went through a stressful period and had some inexplicable “difficulties” in bed. We blamed it on the stress, but he also had a cold and had been taking cold medications at the same time. The problem went away with the cold (at the time we didn’t notice the correlation), but returned very abruptly a year later around the same time (when he caught another cold). He didn’t go to a doctor for an ED diagnosis. He’s a healthy guy who jogs five miles a day and eats well. But we were both understandably concerned. He stayed up one night looking for causes of ED on the Internet. This was when he discovered the correlation between erectile dysfunction and Sudafed.


As a woman, I had noticed a change in “lubrication” when I took drugs like pseudoephedrine. That made sense to me because, having taken a physiology class in college as part of my pre-med curriculum, I knew that any drug meant to have a drying effect on mucus membranes in the body (like those in your nose and mouth) will impact all mucus membranes (including those in the vagina). So allergy medications that are geared at drying things out (like Guifenesin, for example) will dry everything out in a woman’s body. Men don’t have to worry about lubrication, but women who suffer with vaginal dryness may want to consider their allergy medications, over-the-counter and otherwise including pseudoephedrine as a possible cause. How many women who use KY Jelly actually just need a different allergy treatment option? (Consider acupuncture, ladies…it works!)


Statin Drugs

Statin drugs cause impotence, erectile dysfunction, and loss of libido because they interfere with the production of CoEnzyme Q10. Below is a list of common statin drugs that cause ED:

  • Rosuvastatin calcium (Crestor)
  • Simvastatin (Zocor)
  • Fluvastatin (Lescol)
  • Lovastatin (Altocor, Altoprev, Mevacor)
  • Pitavastatin (Livalo)
  • Pravastatin (Pravachol)
  • Atorvastatin (Lipitor)

Hair Growth Drugs

  • Finasteride (Propecia) can cause a variety of problems for men including Post-Finasteride Syndrome, which can include a range of awful problems affecting the genitals.


Other Drugs That Cause ED

In addition to those mentioned above, drugs in the following classes may also cause ED:

  • Parkinson’s Disease Medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Antihypertensives (high blood pressure medications)
  • Diuretics (medications that increase the production of urine)
  • Antiarrhythmics (medications that treat irregular heartbeats)
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Blood thinners (coumarins and other blood thinners antagonize vitamin K2, which causes a buildup of calcium plaques in the blood vessels and soft tissues of the body–we discuss this in greater depth below.)
  • Tranquilizers


Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a high blood pressure supplement to open the blood vessels. This supplement will help you open the blood vessels that supply the penis, making it easier to get and maintain an erection, but Nitric Oxide isn’t the best choice for Erectile Dysfunction. In fact, Nitric Oxide significantly LOWERS testosterone levels in the body. In other words, Nitric Oxide provides a short-term fix for ED, but over the long-term, it can cause erectile dysfunction problems to worsen.

Erectile Dysfunction can be indicative of high blood pressure, so you should visit our page about natural alternatives to high blood pressure medications to learn how to treat high blood pressure and how to deal with ED.


Increase Testosterone Levels by AVOIDING Nitric Oxide

Interestingly, many men choose to avoid nitric oxide and anything that might cause their bodies to produce more of this toxic free radical. Instead of taking superbeet supplements, men might opt instead to take a Nitric Oxide Inhibitor like Methylene Blue. Caffeine, by the way, is another nitric oxide inhibitor that can help you increase levels of testosterone. Taking Mucuna pruriens with Caffeine is doubly beneficial and will help you feel less strung out. We recommend pure caffeine rather than coffee which can contain mold, or energy drinks that may contain other substances that may make erectile dysfunction worse.


Safed Musli and Mucuna Pruriens (also known as Kapikkachu)

Safed Musli and Kapikkachu are Ayurvedic medicines that can be used to balance hormones in men or to detox from anabolic steroid use. White musli can be used to increase blood flow to the penis. This herb can also help maintain an erection longer. Take 1-2 Tablespoons per day. It can be hard to digest Safed Musli if the dose is too high, so take the lowest possible dose to keep your digestive system in top-notch condition.

Safed Musli also works to combat premature ejaculation. It modulates the immune system and improves sperm count too, so men can take this medicine along with Mucuna pruriens to enhance male fertility.

DOPA Mucuna 90 Veg Capsules Yeast Free by Now Foods

NOW Mucuna pruriens Supplement

Safed Musli used in combination with Mucuna pruriens is even more powerful. Mucuna is a male fertility and libido booster. This miracle bean (which is also known as velvet bean) is generally beneficial for men. It increases levels of circulating growth hormone and as such, it boosts testosterone levels in the body. It works by increasing levels of dopamine so don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel less depressed, less anxious and more focused too. Take 6000 mg of Mucuna per day in four divided doses (1500 mg taken in the morning, at noon, in the mid-afternoon, and at bedtime).

I talk more about Mucuna pruriens below as a cure for ED that can be used by itself, but combining it with Safed Musli makes it even more powerful. Just be sure that you also take at least 25 mg of vitamin B6, a zinc supplement, magnesium, and vitamin C to ensure that the Mucuna is properly metabolized by the body.



Most Americans are deficient in iodine. You need a combination of both potassium iodide and molecular iodine to feed your reproductive organs and your thyroid gland. If you have just one type of iodine or the other, you may notice changes in libido, inexplicable weight gain, foggy-headedness, depression, anxiety, and a host of other serious health issues. Most Americans are deficient in iodine because 1) the fluoride in the water supply competes with iodine in the body and 2) the bromine in insecticide, citrus drinks, bread products, furnishings (as a fire retardant), pajamas (also as a fire retardant), and in swimming pools (as a water purification agent) is an endocrine disruptor that pushes iodine out of the body. There’s really no way to avoid bromine or fluorine in the environment in the United States, but if you take Lugol’s Iodine or Iodoral, you can protect yourself from exposure to fluorine and bromine.

Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Lugol’s Iodine often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
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If you’re using Lugol’s Iodine 2% (which is not the same as Betadine, by the way), you should start by putting 5 drops on your skin or in your water each day. If you’re struggling with Erectile Dysfunction, consider putting the iodine directly on your scrotum. Slowly work up to 20 drops per day and be aware that at first, taking iodine may cause you to break out in a rash. THE RASH IS NOT CAUSED BY THE IODINE! If you go to a doctor, they’ll tell you that the rash is caused by iodine, but in fact, the rash is caused by bromine leaving the body as iodine takes its rightful position in your thyroid, prostate gland, and testicles. It is extremely rare for a person to have an actual allergy to iodine (though many people have an allergy to radioactive iodine, which is logical, but medical doctors have not been taught to differentiate between radioactive iodine and Lugol’s iodine). So the rash may happen every time you take iodine for a few days or even a week or longer until your body has purged bromine.

Iodoral 12.5mg 90 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

Iodoral Iodine Supplement, 12.5mg

Iodine has a strong impact on libido and a lot of men find that their Erectile Dysfunction symptoms are alleviated by using Lugol’s Iodine or Iodoral every day. Iodoral comes in two strengths: 12.5 mg and 50 mg. Take the low dose Iodoral at first and work up to the 50 mg dose over the course of a few months. Otherwise, you’ll have severe fluorine and bromine detoxification symptoms.

If you have Erectile Dysfunction symptoms and you want to supercharge this type of therapy, you should also avoid swimming in pools that are treated with bromine (opt instead to swim in pools that use chlorine for disinfection), citrus drinks like Gatorade, Mountain Dew, and any soft drink or bread product that uses Brominated Vegetable Oil (abbreviated as BVO). You may be thinking, “But wait…I eat iodized salt!” But salt is a terrible carrier for iodine. When you open a box of salt, the iodine starts to evaporate immediately. Prior to the 1980’s (before the obesity epidemic started), bread products were fortified with iodine. Today, most commercial bread products on the market in grocery stores and in restaurants contain BVO (bromine). It has become more popular in some bigger U.S. cities for restaurants to offer un-brominated bread products, but if you’re trying to cure ED avoiding bromine will help along with taking iodine supplements. Give the iodine supplementation some time to work and combine it with some of the other supplements and herbal remedies for ED that I’m going to talk about below.


Also, you should know that if you supplement daily with Lugol’s iodine or Iodoral, your risk of prostate cancer will be significantly diminished.



Magnesium Chloride Tabs 100 Tablets Yeast Free by Alta Health Products

Alta Health Products Magnesium Chloride, 590mg

Magnesium is another common deficiency in the United States (and other countries too for that matter). Having too little magnesium can lead to blood circulation issues, which would, of course, cause sexual problems for both men and women. Doctors who work regularly with patients who have Erectile Dysfunction, say that ED is a sign of circulation issues. But before you start taking high blood pressure medications or any other kind of pharmaceutical, consider taking high-dose magnesium instead.

There are different ways to get high doses of magnesium into your body if you want to increase blood circulation to your penis. You can do an epsom salts bath to absorb magnesium directly through the skin. Or you could get magnesium oils that can be sprayed onto the skin (also to be absorbed from the skin into the bloodstream). And you can take magnesium supplements. For a problem like ED, consider doing Diarrhea Dosing with the Magnesium. Starting at a regular dose  and work up to the point where you get diarrhea. Then back off on the dosage by a few hundred milligrams and that’s the right daily dose of Magnesium for you!

Taking high doses of magnesium will open up the blood vessels throughout the body and it will also help you feel more chill. You NEED Magnesium to metabolize nitric oxide which plays a vital role in erections. Studies have shown that men with ED who take high-dose Magnesium supplements can often overcome the problem using this supplement, but again, give high-dose Magnesium a few weeks to take full effect.


Taking Magnesium and Iodine together will like transform your whole life, not just your sex life!


The Mucuna pruriens  and Supportive Supplements ED Cure

Have you lost your zest for life? Does your wife complain that you seem tuned out or do you just put off dating because you get so sucked into Facebook or video games that you can’t pull yourself away to actually have a sex life? Mucuna can help! Take 1000 to 6000 mg per day of this bean for results that will change your WHOLE life, not just your sex life!

DOPA Mucuna 90 Veg Capsules Yeast Free by Now Foods

NOW Brand Mucuna

Mucuna pruriens is a bean plant that people eat as a part of their daily diet in certain Central American countries. Sounds pretty mundane, doesn’t it, but as it turns out, M. pruriens contains high levels of L-Dopa, a dopamine precursor. This amazing bean helps people overcome addictions, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, but Mucuna is also beneficial as a cure for ED. When you raise dopamine levels, you automatically lower cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol in known as “the stress hormone”, so M. pruriens can help you lower you stress levels and improve your mood, but it also lowers the level of oxidative stress going on in penile tissue that can cause collagen deposits to build up and cause fibrosis of erectile tissue. Mucuna, in other words, can help you keep the structure of your penis healthy, while simultaneously improving your mood!

Take it with a high-quality B Complex Vitamin, Zinc (20-50 mg), and Magnesium (300-600 mg). Aim to take at least 20-100 mg of vitamin B6 daily to get the most out of your Mucuna supplement. These supplements are necessary for the Mucuna to become bioavailable in the body.

B-100 100 Caps Yeast Free by Now Foods

NOW B-100 Supplement


The Vitamin K2 or Nattokinase Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to taking Mucuna pruriens and supportive supplements like vitamin B complex, magnesium, and zinc, vitamin K2 or Nattokinase can have miraculous effects not just as a cure for ED, but also as a cure for atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and a variety of other diseases that are caused by the calcification of soft tissues in the body. Vitamin K2 has only been studied recently, in the past 20 years and many of the scientific discoveries about vitamin K2 have not reached the mainstream yet. While vitamin D3 is essential in order for the body to absorb calcium, vitamin K2 is tells the body where to put that calcium. If a person take vitamin D3 without taking vitamin K2 (or nattokinase, which contains a high amount of vitamin K2), the body will put calcium in the blood vessels and in the organs (soft tissues) rather than putting the calcium into the bones and the teeth.


Vitamin K2 deficiency is extremely common these days. Unless you eat animal fats from animals that graze on grass, you are not getting enough of it from your diet. Maybe you have a lot of cavities or even bone fractures. If you wore braces when you were a kid because your teeth were crooked, you have a vitamin K2 deficiency (vitamin K2 plays an important role in adolescent development when the upper jaw bone is broadening—a deficiency leads to crowding of the teeth). If you had a vitamin K2 deficiency as a child, chances are you still have a vitamin K2 deficiency. Correcting this deficiency will change your life, especially your sex life.


It takes about 6 weeks of vitamin K2 supplementation with either nattokinase or a vitamin D3/vitamin K2 supplement to remove half of the plaque deposits in the blood vessels that are causing Erectile Dysfunction. Your overall health will be substantially improved with vitamin K2 supplements, but note that if you eat trans fats (read your product labels and ask to see ingredients at restaurants if you don’t know whether you’re eating trans fats), they interfere with vitamin K2 absorption. Various anti-coagulation drugs like coumarins also interfere with vitamin K2 absorption too. Many people who believe they need blood thinners are actually in need of vitamin K2.


The supplement we recommend below includes vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 in the proper proportion to allow the body to absorb calcium from food. Don’t take a calcium supplement if you have ED. Rather, take the vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 supplement or take a nattokinase supplement. Avoid trans fats and seek out alternatives to prescription blood thinners (consider lumbrokinase as a natural blood thinner that’s safe and beneficial for men with ED).

The Nitric Oxide Supplement MYTH: What You Need to Know

Nitric oxide is said to help the muscles in the penis relax so that the spongy tissues can become engorged with blood and it also widens blood vessels throughout the body to accomplish the same goal. Indeed, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra all work by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. In the short term, nitric oxide has a positive effect on Erectile Dysfunction. It creates a favorable physiological situation conducive to erections. BUT, there’s a down side. Nitric oxide diminishes testosterone levels in the body which means that, over time, you will have more and more problems with erections if you use nitric oxide as a short-term fix. Nitric oxide for Erectile Dysfunction creates a downward spiral that ultimately leads to dependency on nitric oxide and slowly, an inability to achieve an erection using the other, health-building options listed above. We talk more about Nitric Oxide above and how to use Nitric Oxide INHIBITORS to prevent the body from over-producing this toxic free radical.


The Beetroot Juice MYTH

One glass of beetroot juice increases nitric oxide levels in the blood. In fact, one glass of beetroot juice daily can significantly lower your blood pressure, which can help you treat ED naturally. Unfortunately, however, though increased levels of nitric oxide (which is made from the beetroot juice) may help you achieve an erection in the short term, in the long-term, nitric oxide diminishes testosterone levels, which is obviously a bad thing if you’re suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.


Amino Acids for Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need to Know 

There are two amino acids that raise nitric oxide levels in the body to increase blood flow and muscular relaxation in the penis:

  • L-citrulline
  • L-arginine (be aware that L-arginine can cause herpes flare ups if you have this type of infection.)

Once again, however, though these two amino acids can help you achieve an erection in the short-term, nitric acid will decrease your testosterone levels in the long term while also increasing the risk of disease like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.



Herbal Remedies for ED:

Believe it or not, there are some powerful herbal remedies for Erectile Dysfunction that can help you keep your libido high and your sex life alive. Don’t diss plant medicines as a possible for cure for ED! Below are common plants that have been used for centuries to cure ED:


The Pycnogenol Protocol: Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Erectile dysfunction is closely related to cardiovascular health. Pycnogenol specifically works with not just Erectile Dysfunction, but the general health of blood vessels. Additionally, this herbal supplement (which is derived from the French Maritime pine tree), promotes fertility in men with low sperm count.

The Pycnogenol Protocol involves taking 100 mg of Pycnogenol with amino acids and roburins such as French Oak Wood Extract / Robuvit. The Pycnogenol enhances cardiovascular functioning, opening blood vessels, while the Robuvit promotes general energy and vitality in a big way (triathletes report significantly better performance when taking Robuvit, for example). Amino acids likely help the brain produce the various neurotransmitters necessary for the body to work in a synchronized manner.

Men who follow this protocol should expect to see an enhancement of erectile function of about 33% after taking these supplements for approximately 30 days. Sperm count enhancement averaged at about 79% in studies compared to no treatment at all.

UPDATE 2022: Andrographolides from the plant Andrographis paniculata in combination with 5% DMSO have been shown to increase testosterone levels and reactivity to norepinephrine in animal models. The product below contains the whole plant Andrographis paniculata as well as andrographolides. In animal studies, scientists combined 50 mg/kg body weight andrographolides with 5% Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO – dilute it down to the proper concentration by combining 5 drops of 99% DMSO with 95 drops of clean filtered water) as an herbal remedy for ED. Be aware the Andrographis paniculata is an herb with a broad spectrum of action against a variety of diseases and disorders. And also be aware the DMSO is an FDA approved medicine with the broadest medicinal effects currently on the books. Learn a bit about DMSO and Andrographis paniculata before attempting to use these at-home remedies for ED.


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