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A Dental Tourism Experience in Tijuana

Our family hasn’t been to a dentist in over 5 years. Since we don’t eat refined sugars, this hasn’t been a problem, except for the fact that John and I have mercury amalgam fillings. Based on all my reading and research, the mercury fillings needed to go. They can actually cause additional dental problems as well as a variety of other horrible health issues like liver toxicity and Alzheimers, if left in our mouths for too long. I’d put it off long enough. It was time to bite the bullet and go get those fillings out.   Finding a Holistic Dentist in the United States:   I began my search for a biological dentist in Denver, CO, a city near where we live in Nebrask. I hate shopping for dentists because dental work is inherently awful and I feel like that awfulness really gums up my intuition about dentists. I decided that I’d start by just making some phone calls to talk to office staff and find out about the financial aspects of biological dentistry. How much does it cost? How long does it take? That sort of thing.   What I learned about biological dentists in Denver:   They’re too expensive. I mean, the quote that I got for my own mouth from the holistic dental office I contacted in Denver was between $5000 and $12,000 to replace 3 relatively small mercury fillings and 2 larger fillings. I had to threaten the girl who answered the phone give me this extremely broad estimate by telling her that if she didn’t give me some sense of how much it would cost to get my teeth done that I’d just go to a foreign country to have my fillings extracted. She kept evading the question saying that my “oral ecology” would be repaired and that that would be “worth whatever the cost”. The range she gave me was, admittedly expensive even on the low-end of the range, When I’d looked at dental tourism sites in different countries like Mexico and Ecuador, the cost of each procedure was clearly listed and I could add it up for myself to determine an approximate cost for John and me to get our fillings removed. That’s one of the major perks of medical tourism in Mexico.   My mouth is a fairly straightforward situation. I’ve had 5 cavities filled in my 41 years of life on earth. That’s it. I haven’t had any root... read more

Top 4 Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers in Tijuana, Mexico

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you’ve read the book The Truth About Cancer (or simply heard about the incredible treatments available south of the border), you might be considering a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to partake in some of the truly amazing holistic cancer cure treatments that are available there. I recently traveled to Tijuana with my family to see the city and get some holistic dental care done at a facility that’s attached to a holistic cancer treatment center, American Holistic Care. If you’re looking for a cure and not just a band-aid for your cancer, the alternative cancer treatments offered at these facilities is worth exploring.   The patients I spoke with at American Holistic Care were hopeful and excited about their cancer journeys. They were open with each other and supportive…a far cry from the silent, fearful patients sitting in American clinics waiting for “treatments”. And American Holistic Care is located at the Grand Hotel, which can be reached by a daily shuttle bus that goes back and forth from San Diego to Tijuana. If you’re nervous about how to get from the U.S. to Tijuana and back, call American Holistic Care and talk to Javier or Marisia and have them arrange the shuttle bus journey for you to simplify the experience. Both Javier and Marisia speak excellent English. Consider booking a room at the Grand Hotel for the duration of your treatments if it seems too overwhelming to go out into the city.   Tijuana is a safe destination that offers affordable medical treatments for cancer that aren’t widely available in the United States. I wanted to go see the Hope4Cancer treatment center, the Hoxsey BioMedical Center, and the Gerson Clinic while we were there, but my dental work at American BioDental ended up taking longer than I’d expected. We did, however, get to see a lot of the city and get a feel for Tijuana as a destination because we stayed on the playas (beaches) for our two week visit in a vacation rental. And John works closely with a man who’s from Tijuana, but currently living in San Diego so we were able to get some local insight into the city. What we found is that Tijuana is a culturally interesting destination that’s as safe as any city in the United States, though the driving rules are a little different (take a shuttle or a taxi if you aren’t up to... read more