Top 4 Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers in Tijuana, Mexico

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If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you’ve read the book The Truth About Cancer (or simply heard about the incredible treatments available south of the border), you might be considering a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to partake in some of the truly amazing holistic cancer cure treatments that are available there. I recently traveled to Tijuana with my family to see the city and get some holistic dental care done at a facility that’s attached to a holistic cancer treatment center, American Holistic Care. If you’re looking for a cure and not just a band-aid for your cancer, the alternative cancer treatments offered at these facilities is worth exploring.


The patients I spoke with at American Holistic Care were hopeful and excited about their cancer journeys. They were open with each other and supportive…a far cry from the silent, fearful patients sitting in American clinics waiting for “treatments”. And American Holistic Care is located at the Grand Hotel, which can be reached by a daily shuttle bus that goes back and forth from San Diego to Tijuana. If you’re nervous about how to get from the U.S. to Tijuana and back, call American Holistic Care and talk to Javier or Marisia and have them arrange the shuttle bus journey for you to simplify the experience. Both Javier and Marisia speak excellent English. Consider booking a room at the Grand Hotel for the duration of your treatments if it seems too overwhelming to go out into the city.


Tijuana is a safe destination that offers affordable medical treatments for cancer that aren’t widely available in the United States. I wanted to go see the Hope4Cancer treatment center, the Hoxsey BioMedical Center, and the Gerson Clinic while we were there, but my dental work at American BioDental ended up taking longer than I’d expected. We did, however, get to see a lot of the city and get a feel for Tijuana as a destination because we stayed on the playas (beaches) for our two week visit in a vacation rental. And John works closely with a man who’s from Tijuana, but currently living in San Diego so we were able to get some local insight into the city. What we found is that Tijuana is a culturally interesting destination that’s as safe as any city in the United States, though the driving rules are a little different (take a shuttle or a taxi if you aren’t up to driving). If you’re seeking out natural cancer cures or alternative cancer treatment, Mexico is the perfect destination. There’s hope here and other options besides just surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.


If you have experience with any of these facilities, please feel free to share your experience in the comments section for others to benefit from. And remember, there is no human disease that responds to a particular medical treatment predictably 100% of the time. Every person’s physiology is different and every person’s cancer journey is different. None of the following clinics can provide a 100% guarantee that their treatments will work. Many of them can guarantee with relative certainty that their treatments won’t hurt though. So, if you’re traveling to Tijuana to find alternative cancer treatments, keep an open mind. Each of these facilities has had success with enough patients to make them popular and sustainable.


Below are the top 4 holistic cancer treatment centers that I learned about while we were in Tijuana:


1)    American Holistic Care


American Holistic Care promotes functional medicine that’s personalized to each person’s specific needs. They focus on treating underlying causes of diseases like cancer or fibromyalgia or diabetes rather than simply treating symptoms. It’s a patient-centered facility as opposed to disease-centered facilities that most Americans are familiar with. For relatively healthy individuals, American Holistic Care offers preventative treatment options. For example, while we were there, we did chelation therapy to remove heavy metals from our bodies even though we weren’t sick.


American Holistic Care uses holistic and complementary treatment options to address chronic or serious diseases like cancer. They take an integrative approach to cancer treatment using therapies that are scientifically proven to work and individually calibrated to each person’s unique physiology. They offer immunotherapy and biological cancer vaccine treatments, detoxification, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional counseling, and nutraceutial supplementation.


American Holistic Care is located at the spectacular Grand Hotel in Tijuana. You can take a shuttle bus from San Diego directly to the hotel in the morning and return to San Diego in the evening if you prefer to spend your nights in the U.S.


Javier and Marisia do the scheduling for American BioDental. Grace does a lot of scheduling for American Holistic Care, but the two facilities work together and throughout the day and they schedule appointments “dynamically” to make sure everything that can get done does get done. In other words, if they tell you to show up at 9:00 AM, but you don’t know what your treatment plan is for the day, don’t worry. They’ll figure it out as they go and make sure you and everyone else who arrives for the day get the treatments they need.


American Holistic Care isn’t well-marketed on the Internet at the time of this writing. It is attached to a facility that our family went to for dental care. The American Holistic Care facility is listed as a sub-business to American BioDental online, which is confusing. But don’t let that stop you from making an appointment here. Despite this marketing/branding blip, American Holistic Care has plenty of business because they’re doing some cool things in terms of holistic cancer treatment. The place was abuzz with Canadians and Americans while we were there. They sat around in the recliners or stood by the water machine making detoxification tea for themselves from the moment the place opened until after they closed on many of the days we were there. I wandered between the dental side and the cancer holistic treatment side (they treat other chronic diseases too, by the way) to talk to other patients there and get chelation therapy.


To get to American Holistic Care’s information online, you can either click here or you can reach it through the American BioDental home page. These two businesses (American Holistic Care and American BioDental) are owned by the same person and they’re located right next to each other on the bottom level at the Grand Hotel. In fact, these two businesses work together (a lot of cancer patients get dental work done to clear up oral infections, get rid of mercury amalgam fillings, and a lot of people getting dental work done go ahead and do chelation therapy to remove heavy metals from their bodies, etc.). This aspect of American Holistic Care isn’t well-represented on the Internet, but the two facilities present themselves well and make sense in-person.


2)    The Hoxsey BioMedical Center


The Hoxsey BioMedical Center is a famous holistic cancer treatment institution that began in the United States. It was famous for its cancer curing chemotherapy alternatives, but the American Medical Association finally pushed the Hoxsey Clinic out of the states in order to keep their thumb on the market (chemo and radiation is hugely profitable, after all). Luckily, the Hoxsey BioMedical Center and the treatment it offers is still available just across the border in Mexico. The cancer cure (known as the Hoxsey tonic) available to treat cancer at this facility is gentle, but effective (though no medical treatment for any disease is 100% guaranteed). And it’s affordable. The Hoxsey BioMedical Center uses modern equipment like CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasound to diagnose patients and then create a special individualized program for each patient’s specific needs.


The Hoxsey Clinic has 4 rooms available for patients who plan to stay for multiple days. Visit this page to learn more about transportation options from San Diego to the Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana.


3)    Hope4Cancer


I wasn’t able to visit the Hope4Cancer clinic, but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s a clinic that was featured on the documentary The Truth about Cancer. When I was in college doing a pre-medicine curriculum as a student, I read about a vibrational therapy machine that was developed as a cure for cancer years ago. It was effective as a cure for cancer and as such a threat to Big Pharma and the American Medical Association. The machine was confiscated and, according to the stories I read, anyone who tried to build a machine like it could be jailed. I really wanted to see the Hope4Cancer clinic because they use a vibrational therapy machine to treat cancer like the one I read about many years ago. I’ve always wanted to see that machine. I thought vibrational therapy for cancer was a myth when in fact, there are other countries like Mexico where it’s being used as a cure for cancer every day.


The Hope4Cancer clinic offers other alternative cancer treatments too. A biggie is RigVir, a cancer vaccine that was developed in Riga, Latvia. The vaccine is effective against an array of different types of cancer.


At Hope4Cancer, they follow 7 steps for every patient:


  • Use non-toxic cancer-fighting agents
  • Optimize the immune system
  • Alkalinize the body and do nutritional therapy
  • Detoxify
  • Eliminate microbes and pathogens
  • Oxygenate
  • Address spiritual and emotional well-being of patients


The clinic also has bed-and-breakfast amenities for patients who would like to stay close to the treatment facility. There are fully equipped ocean view rooms with WiFi as well as common areas, a kitchen, and a juice bar.

4)    The Gerson Clinic


Developed by Dr. Max Gerson, this clinic works to restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The main treatments offered at the Gerson clinic include 1) detoxification and 2) nutritional therapy to address nutritional deficiencies. Patients are offered copious amounts of fresh, organic juices along with enzymes, minerals, and nutrient supplementation every day of their stay. Coffee enemas are used to detoxify the liver. Patients are sent home with a nutritional plan they can continue to follow throughout their recovery.


The Gerson Diet is older than the Forks-Over-Knives diet recommended by scientists who conducted the China Study, but it’s worth noting that the Gerson Diet is consistent with and buttressed by one of the largest scientific research studies ever conducted in regard to the human diet and cancer. The China Study showed that consumption of animal products contributed to the development of cancer. Eliminating animal products from the diet can cure cancer in some individuals. The Gerson Diet does that and more.


The Gerson Clinic is located in a safe, suburban area of Tijuana near the beach. To get to the clinic from San Diego, there is an independent shuttle service that can take you across the border, straight to the clinic’s front door.

36 Responses to “Top 4 Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers in Tijuana, Mexico”

  1. James R Bragg says:

    New advanced prostate patent looking for alternate treatements

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi James,

      Have you looked into RigVir for prostate cancer? RigVir is a cancer vaccine that’s available in Tijuana at the Hope4Cancer Clinic as well as in Latvia throughout the country. There are honestly so many natural cures for cancer…what I would recommend to you as an advanced prostate patient would depend on your budget, whether you’re willing to travel, and whether you’re willing to make dramatic lifestyle changes in order to get rid of the cancer and live a long life. If it were my husband with advanced prostate cancer, I would first seek out the RigVir vaccine at the Hope4Cancer Clinic in Tijuana and then either head over the Hoxsey Bio Medical Center to get their herbal treatment and dietary recommendations OR I would go to the Gerson Clinic for treatment. OR, I would do both of those things. If my husband had a lot of dental work over the years and amalgam fillings, I’d make an appointment at the American BioDental clinic to have his mouth fixed up because dental issues can lead to poor immunity.

      That being said, there is also a natural cancer treatment facility in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico known as the Holistic Bio Spa. They offer some treatment options that aren’t available in Tijuana including something called Urine Therapy, which is controversial, but apparently effective and here’s the kicker: it’s FREE. Dr. Jake Ames at the Holistic Bio Spa offers consultation about Urine Therapy for people who are weirded out by it. But I’ve tried Urine Therapy (smearing it on and then drinking it) and I’ve had some decent results from doing it so far (I have melasma that’s clearing up bit by bit). It’s not especially pleasant, but I like to mention Urine Therapy because there are a lot of people who are looking for free cancer cures. I haven’t visited the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta yet but I’ve spoken on the phone with Dr. Ames and I plan to go in the next month or two to see the place and talk with the doctors there.

  2. Would you send me a Address and phone number of the best Cancer Treatment Clinic which is in Tijuana, Mexico? Please

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Rashmin!

      The best non-chemo cancer clinic in Tijuana would depend on your situation and how much you can afford to spend on treatment. There are free and/or cheap non-chemo cancer cures available no matter where you live, but at the same time, there are some very sophisticated and effective treatments like the RigVir cancer vaccine that are worth looking into if you can afford them. I would recommend traveling to Tijuana and visiting all of the non-chemo clinics there and choosing the cancer cures that seem most appropriate for your situation. I’d be happy to recommend a particular clinic (or clinics, depending on your situation), if you’d like to tell me more about your situation! Of course, the final decision about treatment is yours! 🙂 I’m not a doctor, just someone who’s really interested in widely available, affordable, accessible, and ideally natural cures for cancer! 🙂

  3. Shelley says:

    Learned about 2 of these facilities from TTAC docuseries. I passed on your link to a friend whose mother has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread.
    I wonder if you would know if any of these centers treat other serious diseases, specifically respiratory infections? I suppose I could contact them directly but my thought is that you may know this but may ALSO know of other facilities not listed here in the U.S or in Mexico. I live in Colorado. Thank you SO MUCH for any information you can provide.

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Shelley!

      The Gerson Clinic in Tijuana treats all kinds of chronic, degenerative diseases and in fact, the Gerson Diet has been used many times over to cure tuberculosis (which is truly an outstanding miracle that everyone should know about!). This clinic offers a lot of helpful literature on their web site to make it possible for people to treat themselves at home, but I do have to say that I’ve tried the Gerson Diet and it’s challenging! It takes some practice and perserverence to do it. On top of that, for respiratory infections, I would say that it would be important to contact the clinic directly to get their guidance. They’ve been curing a lot of different disease for years (including things like herpes believe it or not), so it would be worth your time to contact them.

      The Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta is another clinic to look into for both cancer as well as respiratory infections. Dr. Jake Ames runs this clinic and although I haven’t visited it yet, I have spoken on the phone with Dr. Ames and his treatments are UNCONVENTIONAL but really interesting. He offers something called Urine Therapy that’s super controversial mostly because people are icked by it. I’m in the process of giving it a try myself though. Urine Therapy is pretty weird, but I’m trying it anyway because I want to write about the experience and then visit the clinic in the next month or so to meet the doctors there and take a tour. Urine Therapy is free and apparently, it can lead to miraculous results for a WIDE VARIETY of ailments. I’m currently giving it a try for melasma (a skin problem) and I’ve seen some changes already (it’s been about 2 weeks). Here’s a book on Urine Therapy by John Armstrong if you’re interested: Urine Therapy interests me because it’s free and fully accessible to people (especially Americans) who have limited access to natural cures that cause no harm!

      Also, the American BioDental facility is opening a new place in Cancun. I’m not sure if they’re going to be opening a new American Holistic Care facility at the same time to offer cancer treatments or not.

      Further afield, the RigVir cancer vaccine is available in Latvia and at a cheaper price than what you’d pay in Tijuana. And in McLeod Ganj, India there’s a Tibetan doctor named Yeshi Donden who offers an herbal cancer cure. I walked past his office a couple of years ago when we visited McLeod Ganj, without realizing that the location was FAMOUS for treating cancer (I have just a tiny, short blip of the McLeodganj Clinic on a video I snapped while walking down a street there)!

      Besides that, there are a number of cancer cures that are widely available. Essiac Tea is one that comes to mind, for example. You can order it on Amazon, but be aware that it can cause kidney stones if you don’t follow the recipe/instructions exactly. And Essiac Tea may not be the best choice for tumors that can cause a lot of damage if they swell (for example brain tumors or tumors in the intestines) because Essiac Tea can cause the tumor to swell before it goes away.

      And finally, my husband got a spot of melanoma on his temple and rather than taking him to the doctor, we decided to do a natural cancer cure instead. The doctor here regularly prescribes a chemotherapy cream that “makes people’s skin look like hamburger” according to some of the people in the city where I live. This chemotherapy cream causes DNA mutations, which was obviously a bad choice for us so instead, we put together a cream made of 1 part baking soda and 1 part coconut oil and put that on the spot every day along with a 1 to 1 mixture of Frankincense and organic Apricot Kernel Oil. After three days, the spot dried up and fell off. Underneath, was a slightly raised, slightly pigmented area. About once a week now, the spot will get a little darker, crust over, and then the crusty part falls off. It hasn’t gotten bigger and it’s much lighter now. My dad (66 years old) had the beginnings of basal cell carcinoma 2 years ago on his cheeks (he’s a farmer) and he started putting organic Apricot Kernel Oil on the spots and they cleared up. He told me about a week ago that they often come back in the summer when he’s outside a lot, but the apricot kernel oil always makes them clear up…

  4. Hello, My name is Jake Ames, MD, HMD. I started a cancer clinic in July in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I now have the world’s best cutting-edge protocols to cure all cancers. Please call me: +52 322 150 1333

    • jack vitale says:

      i have prostate cancer gleason scale of 9

      • Jennifer Smith says:

        Hi Jack!

        I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but there is hope for you! I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t tell you what to do but below are some thoughts on cancer cures that don’t involve chemotherapy:

        If you’re looking for an alternative to chemotherapy treatments for prostate cancer, studies have shown that a dietary change can make a big difference for you. Here’s a short article about Prostate Cancer written by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, who was one of the pioneering scientists who worked on The China Study (the largest nutritional study about cancer ever done). Prostate cancer is rarely found in men who eat a plant-based diet and, in fact, the researchers who did The China Study were able to show that people who ate a diet that included 5% animal products could literally “switch off” their cancer, but that eating a diet with more than 20% animal products in it “turns on” tumor growth. Prostate cancer had some of the most striking numbers statistically in The China Study in that diet had a PROFOUND effect on the course of the disease and diet in fact, could make prostate cancer go away. I would suggest watching the documentary Forks Over Knives for a short overview of the study or reading The China Study for more information about the link between prostate cancer and diet.

        Because of the link between diet and prostate cancer, the Gerson Clinic comes to mind as a good choice for someone who’s looking for non-chemo cancer treatment. At the Gerson Clinic, patients are given 13 juices per day along with coffee enemas to detoxify their bodies while hyper-nourishing at the same time. The diet is totally plant-based during the treatment and people are taught how to follow the Gerson plan so that they can go home and continue working toward healing. The Gerson Therapy has been successfully used to treat cancer since the 1930’s or 1940’s and it was, in fact, the first non-chemo cancer treatment that was brought before Congress as a CURE for cancer, but Big Pharma made sure that nobody ever found out about this CURE because chemo (which makes people sicker) is so much more profitable than dietary changes that effect a CURE for cancer. See the book The Truth about Cancer for more information about the Gerson Therapy and why this cancer cure was never widely publicized.

        There’s a Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico and another in Budapest, Hungary. The cost of the program in Mexico is $6000 USD/week with a minimum stay for 2 weeks. This cost includes accommodations and meals for both the patient and a companion. In Hungary, the cost is $4,050 USD/week + $560 USD/week for a companion should you choose to bring one. There is also a 2 week minimum stay in Hungary.

        If the Gerson Therapy doesn’t resonate with you or if it’s too costly, another excellent no-chemo cancer treatment option is the BioMedical Center (aka the Hoxsey Clinic) in Tijuana. They offer the Hoxsey Tonic, which is an herbal treatment that you can get at the clinic and take home with you. Often, as I understand it, the herbal treatment is prescribed along with lifestyle changes (such as changes to diet and exercise habits) and then patients return to their homes to take the treatment for 6 months. Patients return to the Hoxsey Clinic every 6 months to see how their health is improving until the cancer is totally cured.

        If you’re not in a position to travel or if your funds are severely limited, you might consider contacting Dr. Jake Ames at the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta. He offers a controversial, but apparently a surprisingly successful treatment called Urine Therapy that’s actually compelling (I’ve tried it myself for certain health problems and I have to admit that I had some success with Urine Therapy). From what I’ve read about Urine Therapy, it tends to be particularly relevant to problems related to the gonads (for example, the prostate gland) because there are hormones secreted in the urine and when these hormones are re-introduced to the body, it can rebalance the hormones and help the body regain health.

        So in summary, there are a lot of cancer treatment options that don’t involve chemotherapy that are available to a person with prostate cancer no matter what the Gleason Score…

        If you have questions, please let me know! 🙂

  5. monique weisel says:

    cna you tell me if you are the one just across the california border, and how much to go there. where are you. i wnat to bring a friend who has numb feet and some legs, kneew issures and headaches and a downsyndrone chile. me i am just sick

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Monique! Which Tijuana clinic are you most interested in? It sounds like the Gerson Clinic might be the best choice for you, your friend, and her child.

  6. Karen Miller says:

    Would like information cost, length of treatment and info on programs. Very interested in the Gerson clinic. Thank you.

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Karen!

      Below is a summary of prices as I remember them in Tijuana as of 2017:

      The most expensive of these four non-chemo cancer clinics is Hope4Cancer. I’ve heard that the cost of being treated there runs at about $40,000 (which is affordable considering the cost of chemotherapy). However, I think a lot of the treatments on offer at Hope4Cancer are a la carte so the price probably varies accordingly. Also, one of the more expensive, but potentially worthwhile treatments (depending on the type of cancer) at this clinic is the RigVir vaccine.

      Second in line in terms of expense is the Gerson Therapy at about $12,000 per week (as I recall). This includes overnight stays for the cancer patient as well as a family member. Family members are taught how to administer the Gerson Diet so that when the patient returns home, the family member can continue with the protocol. The Gerson Diet is a therapy that involves a very strict diet as well as coffee enemas and a variety of supplements. It’s been shown to work in treating a wide variety of chronic, degenerative diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and even tuberculosis as well as cancer. My husband, daughter, and I have all tried the Gerson Diet at home and it’s difficult to follow without guidance! But this therapy was the first non-chemo cancer treatment that was shown to work and presented before Congress because of it’s great success. One of the compelling things about the Gerson Diet is that it can help cancer patients change their lifestyle to help them learn how to prevent cancer from returning.

      American BioDental and American Holistic Care offer biological dentistry (also known as holistic dentristy) which is important if the cancer patient has a lot of amalgam fillings or other metals in their mouths. Holistic dentistry can help spur the immune system by removing barriers that have slowly hurt the immune system over time. In the same building as American BioDental is American Holistic Care (both of these facilities are located in the Grand Hotel in Tijuana) where cancer patients can get things like chelation therapy, light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and more. They offer their services a la carte. Chelation therapy is around $100 per IV. The cost of holistic dentistry at American BioDental is about 1/4th to 1/6th of what you would pay for the same thing in the United States.

      The Hoxsey Bio Medical Center in Tijuana is one of the most affordable treatment options available in Tijuana. And one of the perks of the Hoxsey tonic is that is can even be mailed to cancer patients if they can’t travel to Tijuana. The Hoxsey tonic runs about $400. I believe they can also screen patients for cancer using some very simple lab tests that are available at the clinic. The Hoxsey tonic is an herbal treatment that also involves lifestyle changes/recommendations. Based on the testimonials I read in their lobby, I would say that the treatment is VERY effective on a wide variety of different cancers.

      In addition to non-chemo cancer clinics in Tijuana, there is a clinic in Puerto Vallarta that offers a wide variety of natural cancer treatments as well, some of them different than the treatments offered in Tijuana. Dr. Jake Ames provides consultation to patients on treatment options such as urine therapy, and the Frolov breathing treatment which are free treatments for cancer that can sometimes provide miraculous results (see the book called The Water of Life by J.W. Armstrong: For those who can’t make the trip to Mexico, the Hoxsey Tonic and the Puerto Vallarta Holistic Bio Spa offer two natural cancer cures that people can work with in their own homes. The Puerto Vallarta Holistic Bio Spa also offers stem cell treatments for cancer along with ozone therapy, chelation therapy, special cancer diets, medical marijuana, and pancreatic enzymes to fight cancer.

      Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, there are a WIDE VARIETY of non-chemo cancer treatments out there. Among the free/cheap treatment options there’s Urine Therapy (don’t diss it until you try it…I’ve tried it and it can cause some interesting results!) and the Hoxsey Tonic. You might also consider ordering Essiac Tea (Here’s a link to a book on the topic: and a link to the Essiac Tea itself:

      If you have the funding and you’re working with an aggressive cancer, consider making a trip to Tijuana (or Puerto Vallarta) to partake in a variety of natural treatments for cancer. A lot of the non-chemo cancer treatments that are available can be done all at the same time (for example: hyperbaric oxygen treatments won’t interfere with the RigVir vaccine or the Hoxsey Tonic, or for that matter any of the natural treatments that I know of). Even if you did all of the cancer treatments available in Tijuana, Mexico, you would likely spend a LOT less than you would doing chemotherapy and have a much more promising prognosis at the end of treatment. Of course, each patient varies in terms of their response to these treatments that are available in Mexico. But don’t lose hope! These natural cancer cures have a much higher rate of success than chemotherapy. And the natural cancer cures like the ones you’ll find in Tijuana or Puerto Vallarta are gentle, if not relaxing, and patients don’t need to be afraid of them.

  7. Lourdes H says:

    Hello, my name is Lourdes. I will like more information. My husband was diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer 6 months ago. This is an aggressive cancer but I also know people have come here with excellent results and different types of cancer with type 4. I also can be reach at 631-672-2463

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Lourdes!

      While we were in Tijuana, I met a number of patients who were having great success with the various alternative, non-chemo cancer cures available there! If I were in your position (which I’m not, nor am I a doctor, so of course, the decision is entirely yours), I would get the RigVir vaccine for my husband and then go to the Hoxsey Clinic for their treatment as well. On top of that, I’d follow the Gerson protocol in terms of diet…it’s hard diet to follow (lots of juicing with organic fruits and veggies, no salt, no sugar, no oil + coffee enemas), but it gets results and if that’s what you want, follow the Gerson diet (or a diet similar to it). If you book some time in Tijuana, you could buy fresh fruits and veggies much more cheaply than in the U.S. so it would be affordable to get started on a healthy diet of juicing and vegetable soups at an AirBnB or…consider staying at the Grand Hotel where American Holistic Care is located…then you could also get hyperbaric oxygen treatments and chelation therapy for your husband easily each day (it’s cold in there so be sure he wears something warm!). The RigVir vaccine is available at the Hope4Cancer Clinic and they have other important treatments available there as well. American BioDental (which is located in the same space at American Holistic Care) can remove toxic mercury fillings which makes a HUGE health difference. I speak from experience on this. In fact, recently, my husband had a small spot of melanoma pop up on his temple and, since we live in Guanajuato, Mexico we’ve been following the Gerson diet and using a topical treatment of 1 part baking soda to 1 part coconut oil and the melanoma spot literally dried up and fell off. We’re still working with the spot, but it’s definitely going away (it’s much lighter, smaller, and no longer “raised”). Gerson believed that cancer is a disease of the liver which really makes sense for us (and for everyone actually)…he believed (and observed through actual experience) that if you could rejuvenate the liver, the cancer would go away on its own. Last year at this time, we got our mercury fillings removed at American BioDental in Tijuana and my husband’s health has improved SUBSTANTIALLY since that time. He’s lost a lot of weight and his geographic tongue (which is actually thrush, as it turns out–something he’s had since he was a child) is finally FINALLY clearing up. But the weight loss and candida is taxing on his liver. The fat that he’s losing is from years ago when he ate a lot of fast food and it’s toxi. So the melanoma doesn’t surprise me (though it is occasionally unnerving–I feel like I should freak out about it because this is what I’ve been taught to do even though I believe 100% in alternative cancer cures that don’t involve chemotherapy). I guess I view the melanoma as “detox reaction”. It’s the body’s way of saying that it can’t take any more toxins. In a few weeks, my husband and I are going to visit the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta to meet the doctors there and take a tour of their facility. They offer some other treatments like urine therapy and stem cell treatments that have also been shown to be effective for treating cancer. Before I write about it as an article, though, I want to visit the place in person and meet the doctors and see what they’re actually doing there. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is DON’T LOSE HOPE! Cancer CAN and IS cured without chemotherapy all the time, but as Americans, we’ve taught to believe that chemotherapy and radiation are the only options and that cancer is “incurable”. Tijuana is not that scary of a city, honestly…you can drive there, or, if it makes you nervous, stay in San Diego and take a shuttle bus to the various cancer treatment centers there. Please let me know if you have any other questions!…

  8. Tere says:

    2 years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, i had a complete hysterectomy and did chemo therapy. I went into remission until this week, i found out i know have cancer 5 spots in my peritonum. Which clinic would be the best choice for me

  9. Tere says:

    2 years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, i had a complete hysterectomy and did chemo therapy. I went into remission until this week, i found out i now have cancer 5 spots in my peritonum. Which clinic would be the best choice for me. I would like a clinic in the usa if there are any. I have 3 girls ages 14, 12, 9

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Tere!

      I’m so sorry to hear about the cancer spots, but there is HOPE.

      Based on what I currently know about alternative cancer treatments, I’ll tell you what I would do if I were in your situation:

      I understand that you’d like to find a clinic in the United States, but the U.S. is perhaps the worst country in the world to get treatment for cancer. The U.S. healthcare system is the most corrupt system in the industrialized world because it’s the only healthcare system that’s entirely privately funded. All other industrialized systems including Mexico offer subsidized healthcare for low-income patients which keeps costs and treatments in check. I would recommend going to Tijuana for treatment. If possible, plan to stay for a little while depending on what doctors there recommend. Consider renting an AirBnB apartment somewhere in the city.

      Obviously, if you have a job or if your daughters are in school (which is likely), and you have to leave them behind this could be an obstacle for you, but I’ll say more about that later.

      Okay…in terms of non-chemo cancer treatments in Tijuana:

      There are five clinics in Tijuana that I know of that offer non-chemo cancer treatments. Two of them offer the RigVir vaccine: Hope4Cancer and Sanoviv. From some of the forums I’ve read, it seems that patients tend to feel a little more cared for at Sanoviv, but that could be just a matter of subjective opinion. Recently, I sent a message to Sanoviv asking for the cost of the RigVir vaccine and they told me that patients can’t JUST get the RigVir vaccine…they have to get a full work-up of other treatments too which probably doesn’t hurt, but it does run up the total cost quite a bit (~$45,000 total). Hope4Cancer has the same policy. If you want the RigVir vaccine you also have to pay for their other therapies (like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and vibrational therapy—both valid therapies that can have a significant impact on the course of the disease by the way). Last I checked the cost of treatment at Hope4Cancer was around the same at about $40,000. If I were you, I would first choose one of these clinics and enroll in their full program to get the RigVir vaccine. Here’s a link to some information about the vaccine at the Hope4Cancer web site:

      Most people don’t have $40,000 laying around so the cost may seem steep, but honestly, their other treatments that they offer are treatments that I’ve read about for years as effective cures for cancer too. So, while I disagree with making things cost prohibitive for people, I also can see some legitimacy to making people go through a comprehensive cancer treatment program that includes RigVir. RigVir hasn’t been specifically studied in terms of its effectiveness against ovarian cancer (though some articles do mention that RigVir has been used effectively to combat ovarian cancer), but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work against this type of cancer! Nope! It just means that Big Pharma doesn’t want to fund the research and that research on this vaccine has been stymied by Big Pharma’s desire to make money off of chemotherapy patients. You see, if RigVir works to CURE people of cancer, chemotherapy is no longer a valid “treatment option”.

      So that being said, this would be the FIRST thing I would do when I arrived in Tijuana. The next thing I would do is buy myself a juicer and 20 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables along with an enema and some organic coffee. I’d follow the Gerson Diet, which is another natural cancer treatment option that doesn’t interfere with the other treatment offerings available at places like Hope4Cancer and Sanoviv. Here’s a summary of the Gerson Diet on PDF: You could also enroll at the Gerson Clinic which is located in Tijuana, Mexico. The clinic costs $6000 per week and you have to enroll for at least 2 weeks. You could try to follow the diet by yourself, but it is a lot of work and it’s time consuming (my husband and I have followed the diet ourselves briefly just for the sake of trying it). You really need someone who can work with you on it and help you with it because it’s a diet that you should really continue following for quite some time.

      And finally, the Hoxsey Clinic or Bio Medical Clinic in Tijuana offers an herbal cure for cancer. In my experience so far, the Hoxsey Clinic is the most humane, least corporate of all the clinics as well as the most affordable (although the Gerson Clinic also seems humane and relatively affordable too). The cost of the Hoxsey Tonic is between $400 and $3000. The doctors there can do diagnostics as well as make lifestyle change recommendations. One of the perks of the Hoxsey tonic is that you can go get it and then take it home with you to the states. You’ll have to return for follow-ups to the clinic about every 6 months or so (depending on your particular situation). You can email the Hoxsey Clinic at

      The Hoxsey Tonic is a totally viable cancer cure by itself. But if you have cancer, and you’re very intent on surviving it, my suggestion is to change your diet, get rid of all beauty products, lotions, shampoos, etc. that contain toxic ingredients, and go get every kind of alternative cancer treatment available that doesn’t work against the other cancer treatments that you’re doing! One of the main reasons why I’m saying this in your case is because 1) you’ve been through chemotherapy before which means that you might need the extra boost of additional treatments and 2) you have a young family and you want to survive this.

      Since you’ve already been through chemotherapy, I’m sure you’ve been stretched financially by this disease already so in terms of RigVir, I have yet another suggestion. Go to Latvia where RigVir was first developed and where it’s widely available for the treatment of cancer. Here’s a link to a medical tourism agency/package that offers three vials of the RigVir vaccine and lodging in a standard room for approximately $7600 USD:
      You could travel to Tijuana first for the Hoxsey Tonic and then travel to Latvia or vice versa. Traveling is necessary and important if you can do it in this case. I understand why you wouldn’t want to travel to a foreign land because it’s expensive and scary and you’re already concerned about your health, but the United States healthcare system is not designed to support your search for good health. If you have cancer, your best bet is to seek out care in a country that supports that search. Doctors who try to cure cancer in the United States are harassed and some doctors even feel that the situation is more dire than harassment (unexplained deaths aren’t uncommon). The Gerson Diet can be used anywhere with a helpful partner to work on things like juicing and getting all the various supplies. Download the book that talks about the Gerson Diet here: . This diet and Gerson’s protocols have been proven to fight all kinds of diseases and it was even brought before Congress years ago (in the 1940’s, I think) as the first treatment that actually cures cancer (Big Pharma made sure the general public never found out about this or any other cancer cure, of course).

      Before you decide exactly what you want to do in terms of alternative cancer treatments, you might also want to consider ordering some Essiac Tea. Be sure you prepare it properly. My mom has been drinking it as a cancer preventative medicine because she’s been exposed to a lot of radiation and she said that the brew is a little heavier than a tea and not the most flavorful. But, apparently it works. A fair number of people have used it to keep cancer from spreading and metastasizing. Apparently, it doesn’t always work to get rid of the cancer, but it does work (according to personal accounts) to keep tumors from spreading. Sometimes the tumors will swell before they go away though, so keep that in mind if you decide to use Essiac Tea.

      And finally, there are doctors in Puerto Vallarta named Dr. Jake Ames and Dr. Zoli Hargitai who offers a variety of no-chemo cancer treatments including stem cell therapy and IV Vitamin C therapy at the Holistic Bio Spa there. (IV therapy is also on offer at the American Holistic Care and American BioDental Clinic in Tijuana, by the way.) I’ve never been to the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta (I plan to visit in a month or so to see it with my own eyes), but I’ve spoken to Dr. Ames on the phone about his treatments and I’ve been reading some material he recommended to me and trying some personal experiments of my own with a natural cancer cure that he believes is one of the most powerful and least expensive options out there: urine therapy. For the average American, urine therapy sounds like total insanity. You drink your own urine and sip on a little water and eat nothing for a specified period of time depending on your illness. But though it sounds crazy, I’ve tried it myself and I’ve been reading about it over the past few weeks in anticipation of visiting the clinic. Last month I had a prolonged period (I’m 42 years old), which isn’t unusual for me when I don’t take my herbs (mostly Maca, but sometimes Vitex berry). Instead of doing herbs last month, I tried urine therapy instead. I put it on my skin and let it soak in and then drank the rest. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, honestly and my super-long-3-week-period stopped by the second day which was notable. Urine therapy is supposed to help you normalize hormone levels and apparently, it’s a fairly powerful and extremely affordable cure for cancer. Dr. Ames is passionate about urine therapy as a cure for cancer and I’m excited to learn more about it honestly because it’s accessible to everyone. If this is something that interests you and you’re willing to think outside the box to cure your cancer, contact Dr. Ames. He offers phone consultations to help people get started on urine therapy for cancer at home. Having a little support can be important with something like this. This is an affordable/free cancer cure that you could do from the United States without having to travel if travel simply isn’t possible for you.

      Finally, I wanted to say just a bit more about the fact that you have 3 girls and that you’d rather not travel. I have a contact who works specifically with women who travel with children (or by themselves) to Mexico and other parts of the world. She would be an excellent source of support to you. She specializes in making sure that the travel experience is safe and enjoyable. This is a link to her web site:

      Please let me know if you have other questions!

      • Tere says:

        I forgot to mention. I have tested + for the brca 1 gene.

        • Jennifer Smith says:

          With this news, I know you must feel like things are hopeless, but I’ve read that RigVir is used as a cancer preventative as well as a treatment. There’s a lot of learning for people who have believed their whole lives that chemo and radiation is the only treatment available for cancer. Chemo and radiation are “treatments” not cures and both are painful and debilitating. It’s hard to believe there can be HOPE for a cure after having been taught that none exist, but people have been cured of cancer…far more have been cured by natural treatments than by chemo/radiation. As someone who was trained in the standard American model of medicine, I’m still amazed at the number of cancer cures that actually exist in the world. In India, we spent a week in McLeod Ganj and passed by a Tibetan clinic on the street many times where people are regularly cured of cancer using herbs. Last weekend I read a book about the herb Pau d’Arco which is regularly used by indigenous people as a cancer cure. There are no guarantees, of course, no matter what treatment you choose for cancer because we’re human but if you’re willing to learn new things, travel to new places, and have a little faith in the possibilities, some amazing things can happen even if you have the BRCA 1 gene. You can be cured and you can live a long life.

  10. jim McArthur says:

    Jennifer… I read your blog posts. Very impressive. The service that you provide is very valuable to those who really need help and hope… Please contact me… Thanks Jim

  11. Marilyn Elliott says:

    I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, a level 2. We are considering the Immunity therapy Center in Tijuana and curious about their history.

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Marilyn!

      I’ve never heard of the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, but I just looked at their web site and it looks like they have an impressive line-up of options as far as alternative cancer treatments! I’ll have to go see this place! I’d love to hear about your experiences there and others would definitely benefit from hearing more about it too if you ever feel compelled to share. I don’t personally have experience with the Immunity Center and so I don’t know whether patients have had good experiences there or not, but again, it looks to me like they offer a diverse array of effective cancer-fighting therapies. In Tijuana, there are a number of different alternative cancer treatment facilities so if you go to the Immunity Therapy Center and you don’t feel like it’s the right place for you, simply go to some of the other cancer treatment facilities and find one that feels comfortable. Good for you on seeking out a non-chemo cancer therapy for treatment!

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Marilyn!

      I did some research this week on the Immune Therapy Center in Tijuana and I wanted you to know that this facility offers a variety of holistic cancer treatments as well as chemotherapy. I wanted to make sure that you knew this and that you also know that while chemotherapeutic cancer drugs can initially seem to get rid of cancer, it can also set patients up to relapse and get the cancer back several years later (usually within about 5 years). As far as I can tell, the chemotherapies on offer at the Immune Therapy Center are an “up-sell” meaning that once you get into the clinic and start receiving the holistic treatments, they can sell you on chemotherapies which are much more expensive. Looking at the various holistic treatments they offer, I would consider going there, but I’d be VERY CLEAR with them that you don’t want ANY chemotherapy treatments if this is the case for you. If you want to do the holistic approach and ONLY holistic, natural cancer treatments, be sure that everyone who works with you knows this. And be sure to read the literature on the chemotherapies that are “sold” to you before you buy into them. Once you get into the clinic, doctors, nurses, and other reps could use scare tactics to try to talk you into doing a chemotherapy treatment. As Americans, we’re wired to believe what the doctors/nurses say, but follow your gut and approach your diagnosis in your own way (whatever that may be). Don’t let people scare you into doing treatments that you don’t want to do. I’d recommend reading at least the first chapter or two of the book, “The Truth About Cancer” by Ty Bollinger to get an idea of what kind of politic/financial motivation goes into the perpetuation of chemotherapy use in the U.S. before you make big decisions about your cancer treatment. But I don’t want this message to scare you either. You can handle this. Follow your own path and find the cancer treatment facility that resonates with you!

      I know you’re probably in a hurry to start treatment because we’ve all been taught that cancer grows and spreads rapidly (it doesn’t), but consider taking a day or two to go see the Immune Therapy Center, the Hoxsey Clinic, Hope4Cancer, American Holistic Care (aka American BioDental–they’re located in the same building), and Sanoviv, as well as the Gerson Clinic and then ask yourself which of these places FEEL best to you…which of these places is a place where you could heal from cancer? You could take the Hoxsey Tonic and also do therapies at Hope4Cancer, Sanoviv, Gerson, or the Immune Therapy Center. One of the cool things about American Holistic Care is that you can choose therapies a la carte rather than being pressured into doing a full PROGRAM for $40,000+ at Hope4Cancer or Sanoviv. It just depends on what you want and how you want to go about the healing process. I know it will cost you a couple of nights in a hotel, but the treatment that you choose can make the difference between total healing and healing that lasts for only 5 years. It’s an important decision and you’ll feel better about having seen all the treatment possibilities first as opposed to making the decision based on an Internet search. But again, this is up to you and only you can decide how to proceed! The patient knows best!

      I appreciate you bringing the Immune Therapy Center to my attention and I’d be interested in knowing how you were treated there and whether or not they actually DO in fact try to up-sell their patients on chemotherapy or if they’re truly focused on holistic cancer treatments. Other people who are looking for non-chemo cancer therapies or holistic treatments would definitely benefit from knowing your experience there!

      Best of luck to you!

  12. Linda says:

    My friend has stage 4 cancer that’s spread to her lungs causing her to need high levels of oxygen. She’s needs a wheelchair to move around and must have at least 3.5 liters per minute of oxygen. Travelling is very difficult. She is currently at a clinic in Tijuana but they are not able to handle her respiratory needs. Can you recommend another clinic in Mexico that can can give her the cancer treatments she needs plus manage/treat her respiratory issues at the same time? I’m afraid her alternative is hospice.

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Linda,

      Which clinic are you currently at?

      I’m asking some of my connections that question to see if I can find the answer.

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Also, what type of cancer was she originally diagnosed with?

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Okay, thank you for that information! There are three non-chemo cancer clinics in Tijuana that offer on-site, in-patient care: the Gerson Clinic (which is a dietary program), Sanoviv Medical Institute, and Hope4Cancer. Given your friend’s situation, I would recommend contacting Sanoviv or Hope4Cancer because both are staffed by medical doctors and both offer the RigVir vaccine as well as a variety of other alternative cancer treatments. For the Sanoviv and Hope4Cancer treatments that include RigVir (the cancer vaccine), the cost is about $40-45,000, but this includes a variety of treatments, not just the vaccine and I can’t think of any reason why these facilities wouldn’t be able to supply the necessary high-level oxygen for your friend. In a lot of forums, people recommend Sanoviv over Hope4Cancer mostly because Sanoviv is “friendlier”, but I don’t have personal experience with either of these facilities except that the Hope4Cancer clinic wouldn’t let me in to see their facility when I visited Tijuana last year (2017). Just yesterday, someone on this blog mentioned the Immune Therapy Center which is an in-patient facility as well. The cost for 3 weeks of treatments (which are apparently designed to fit the patient’s particular situation) is $18,995 according to their web site. Again, I have no personal experience with the Immune Therapy Center, but it would be worth contacting them if their treatment options/cost etc. seem to resonate more with what your friend is looking for. The Gerson Clinic is also in-patient but their focus is on diet. I’m not sure if they could support your friend’s oxygen needs or not. Like I said, I contacted some people about your question, but I haven’t heard back from them yet…

      • Linda says:

        Thank you so much for this information. I will tell her about the Immune Therapy Center and do research on it myself. She has in mind to go to Hope4Cancer next but isn’t sure they have oxygen on the second floor, where a lot of the treatments are given. I’m hoping to call them with this question. She is now having trouble talking so is not able to call them directly herself. My friend feels that her only hope is the holistic approach so to say your information is appreciated and invaluable is an understatement! I’ll check back to see if your friends gave you additional information.

        • Linda says:

          I see from the site that the Immune Therapy Center is for outpatient treatment only and patients must stay in a hotel or other accommodations nearby. That won’t work for my friend as she is no longer very mobile, especially given her oxygen needs. I hope your friends will have some suggestions or insights to share. Thanks so much again.

        • Jennifer Smith says:

          Hi Linda,

          I got some additional information about the Immune Therapy Center this morning that I wanted to post here for you as well as for others who might benefit from knowing it. There IS still hope for your friend using the holistic approach! And it’s so nice of you to be seeking it out for her!

          The cost of 3 weeks of the IN-PATIENT program at the Immune Therapy Center is $19000. The cost of 3 weeks of their OUT-PATIENT program is $30,000.

          Also, I thought it might be useful for you to know that the Immune Therapy Center offers HALO therapy, which involves breathing micro-ionized salty air to decrease breathlessness and treat certain lung issues. HALO therapy mimics the healing environment of a salt cave.

          Also of interest is the fact that the Immune Therapy Center offers oxygen therapies and recognizes the importance of a high-oxygen environment in combating cancer.

          And though the focus of the Immune Therapy Center appears to be primarily on non-chemo cancer treatments, the facility still offers chemotherapy in low, focused doses and where the chemotherapy is administered with heat or with extreme cold depending on the situation. I’m not a huge fan of chemotherapy of any kind, but I wanted to make mention of the use of chemo at the Immune Therapy Center. These chemotherapies (except for IPT and DPT–which is used to deliver low-dose chemo OR laetrile to the cancer cells) are offered separately and are quite costly (tens of thousands of dollars). Everyone has to decide for themselves what path they’d like to take in their journey toward healing after being diagnosed with cancer, but what I’ve read and seen is that chemotherapies can set patients up to get sick again in a few years (with cancer) because these drugs are toxic and therefore damaging to the immune system. If you don’t want any kind of chemotherapy at the Immune Therapy Center, be sure to be really clear with the doctors and nurses about that…

          The Immune Therapy Center offers special rates for their patients at a variety of hotels. The cheapest rate for a hotel booked through the center is $63/night + $12/additional guest. If you decide to stay in a hotel, steer clear of the continental breakfasts and instead opt for freshly made juices (maybe buy a juicing machine and fresh local produce and make it in your room?). If possible, I would follow the Gerson Diet for a loved one with cancer because this diet alone can cure cancer and why not aim at the disease from a variety of different angles?

          I’ve contacted the Hoxsey Clinic (aka the BioMedical Center) to ask them whether they can provide high-levels of oxygen support too. They have 4 rooms available for patients who want to stay at the the center. In my experience with the various non-chemo cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, the Hoxsey Clinic is probably the most friendly and it’s the most affordable. One thing I like about the Hoxsey Center is that they obviously aren’t trying to get rich off of their patients. And “Mike”, my primary contact at the center has always been really helpful and responsive. The Hoxsey Tonic is an herbal cancer treatment, but the BioMedical Center also offers lifestyle recommendations for their patients to boost their immunity at the same time. The cost for the Hoxsey Tonic ranges from $400 to $3000 depending on the situation. They have a book of hand-written testimonials in their lobby that’s pretty compelling…

          • Linda says:

            Thanks for this awesome information, Jennifer. Do you know if the Immune Therapy Center has rooms for patients to stay in the facility or does everyone have to stay elsewhere? My friend would not be able to manage the constant back and forth moving. She needs a room with high-level O2 and a hospital bed.

          • Jennifer Smith says:

            The Immune Therapy Center does provide rooms and in-patient care with 24 hour doctor/nurse supervision for $30,000 for 3 weeks. I just sent off an email to find out whether they can provide the high-level O2 or not and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something back from them…

  13. Linda says:

    Thank you so much. She was originally diagnosed with breast cancer almost 10 years ago. Was in remission for years and then it came back and spread. She is currently in a hospital-like clinic in Tijuana but can’t stand it there and desperately wants to find a better clinic to address her needs. I fear that such a clinic may not be available for her.

  14. Linda says:

    Have you heard of the Rubio clinic or Angeles clinic?

  15. Linda says:

    My friend is currently at Oasis of Hope “hospital.” Never mind about the Angeles Clinic. It’s outpatient only. The Rubio Cancer Center is in the San Diego area close to the border.

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