Treatment of Parasites for Humans

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When it comes to parasite treatment options, herbal remedies are definitely best. Paromycin, Flagyl, Ivermectin, Mebendazole and Albendazole can all cause serious side effects, but more worrisome is the fact that many of these drugs fail to get parasites under control. In the United States, we’ve been taught to trust in prescription drugs. Herbal remedies aren’t respected as a legitimate treatment option up against the colorful pills dispensed by doctors and pharmacists. But actually, many of the drugs on the market today were developed to mimic the action of herbs. But I talk more about that in another article about Why Your Doctor Never Told You about Parasites.


When we discovered that we had an infection, we wanted to get rid of parasites as quickly as possible for two reasons 1) we felt truly awful and 2) it’s gross. As soon as we realized what was making us sick, we started treating our infection using the following formula:



Gaia (brand name) Wormwood and Black Walnut Supreme – 20 drops 4 times/day

HerbPharm (brand name) Black Walnut 0.70 mL (or approximately 7/10th of a dropperful) 4 times per day

HerbPharm (brand name) Clove 0.40 mL (or 4/10th of a dropperful) 4 times per day

HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood – 5 drops 4 times per day

NOW (brand name) L-Arginine 2 – 500 mg capsules taken with each “daytime dose” of the above to relieve anxiety and headaches caused by die-off


HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood — one additional dose of 20 drops right before bed

NOW (brand name) L-Ornithine 3 – 500 mg capsules taken with the final dose of 20 drops of Wormwood taken right before bed. The Ornithine helps you sleep by diminishing the effects of die-off reactions.


We purchased the above items at Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods, but you can also order them online at Amazon. We had to go to three different stores to get enough to last us for three weeks because their stock was low every place we went (apparently, other people were doing cleanses too). We didn’t eat anything for at least 30 minutes before taking this formula or for 30 minutes after, which wasn’t a problem because we weren’t hungry although sometimes my 15 year old daughter did complain about hunger pains. We occasionally broke the 30 minute rule. It isn’t necessary to hold fast to it, if it isn’t possible to take the formula without eating at the same time.



For the first four days, this formula was what we took and all of us noticed changes immediately, but we still felt awful, relatively speaking. On the first night, right after taking our first few doses of the stuff, I could feel squiggling in my arms under my skin. My intestines would “quiver”. Changes were slow and incremental. Each day we felt just slightly better. Or, one day we would notice that we felt A LOT better, but then the next day, we’d feel a little worse. This was frustrating to say the least. The process is not like getting over the flu or a cold. There’s a cycle that we went through symptomatically that probably matched the lifecycle of the worms we were killing.


I ordered a product called Humaworm from as well as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from Amazon (be SURE you buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, not the stuff used to clean swimming pools!). It took a few days for these products to arrive so we continued with our original treatment strategy.


Sometime during the first four days after starting our treatment, we were all standing in the kitchen trying to communicate. All of us kept garbling up our sentences. It was funny and we laughed at ourselves, but later, after I sat down and caught my breath (standing was difficult sometimes), I thought about how abnormal it was to not be able to form normal sentences. It occurred to me that the only other time I’d ever experienced anything like that was when our family went to Lake Titicaca in Peru and we stayed in a hotel at an altitude above 14,000 feet. At high altitude, we’d had horrible headaches, we were clumsy, and we couldn’t form the right words to make intelligible sentences.


At first, it didn’t make sense that we’d be behaving as though we were at high altitude unless we weren’t getting enough oxygen to the brain. I looked up anemia and sure enough, we had many of the symptoms of a B12 deficiency. So my husband and I made a “cheese dip” (we don’t eat dairy products so it was vegan) out of brewer’s yeast which is high in B12. Then, I ordered some B12 supplements from Amazon. Getting enough B12 made a HUGE difference for us. Our headaches went away and so did our foggy thinking. About three days after starting the B12 intensive therapy (we took LOTS of B12 and we ate foods that are rich in B12 like brewer’s yeast) I started to be able to think clearly again. One night, I remembered that I’d left my eyeglasses on the sink in the bathroom as I walking back to the bed. The memory of something simple like that was so amazing it made me stop and take heed of my progress and recovery. I hadn’t remembered a small detail like that for at least three weeks before starting the treatment.


My husband weighs about 60 pounds more than I do and I realized within about a week that he needed a larger dose of the formula I presented above. I started giving him 1.5x’s the dose and it seemed to help. I was worried about the toxicity of wormwood and I didn’t want any of us to take too much. An overdose of wormwood can cause convulsions and death. It’s not an herb to be trifled with.


On the fifth day of our treatment, I added Diatomaceous Earth to our regime in the following way:


Nature’s Wisdom (brand name) Diatomaceous Earth — 1 tablespoon with water in the morning (do NOT accidentally inhale it)

Redmond Clay (brand name) 1 Capsule (it helps to absorb toxins produced during die-off)



Nature’s Wisdom (brand name) Diatomaceous Earth –1 tablespoon with water in the evening (do NOT accidentally inhale it)

Redmond Clay (brand name) 1 Capsule (it helps to absorb toxins produced during die-off)


Apparently, Diatomaceous Earth could work by itself, but it must be taken religiously without missing a single dose for at least 60 to 90 days. I’ve read that Diatomaceous Earth contains heavy metals, but I don’t know this myself for a fact and from what I’ve read, the heavy metals are chemically inert and pass directly through the body without issue because they’re bound to selenium. It’s difficult to verify any of this information, but what I can tell you honestly is that when we started taking it, it did seem to help. And further, I was able to get my parents to give it try even though they’re taking a variety of blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Diatomaceous Earth doesn’t chemically react with anything inside the body. It just dessicates the parasites (apparently); they die and then they’re flushed out of the body so it’s a good choice for people on prescription meds or pregnant women.


One of the reasons why I wasn’t completely sold on Diatomaceous Earth as the sole treatment was because I wasn’t sure if it would rid the body of parasites in the bladder or parasites in the uterus and fallopian tubes. As someone who has suffered with cystitis over the years, I was anxious to treat bladder parasites (Who knew? My bladder IS bigger than an almond!) And since I’d had a lot of menstrual problems, getting my reproductive organs back in working order was definitely a priority (IMMEDIATELY my periods went back to normal…THANK YOU WORMWOOD!)


Two weeks into our cleanse, my husband and I were able to start jogging again and we didn’t come back home feeling exhausted. But we also started slowly with 1 to 2 miles at a time. I would imagine that everyone takes a different path to healing and you shouldn’t be discouraged if you don’t have the energy to go jogging 2 weeks into a cleanse. Most important was that we felt BETTER than when we started even though some days we’d still feel “awful” by our normal standards.


We started taking MaryRuth’s Multivitamin formula and MaryRuth’s Mineral formula as soon as it arrived since it was clear that the parasites had been draining nutrients out of our bodies. We stopped eating ALL REFINED SUGAR. We sweetened our foods with stevia instead of agave nectar (what we usually used). Since parasites love sugars, we reasoned that less sugar would make our bodies less habitable. When we snacked, we ate a mixture of tahini, pumpkin seed butter, and Kolat raw almond butter. The tahini and pumpkin seed butter is aversive to parasites and the raw almond butter was high in B12 and it helps the body metabolize toxins. My daughter complained a little about the lack of sugar in our diets, but we asked her which she’d rather have: sugar and worms, or stevia and a clear colon. She opted for the clear colon.


My husband started having pain in his upper back sometime around the second week. It was especially painful after he ate and eventually we realized that it was probably referred pain from his gallbladder. I had similar pains but not until the end of the second week, approaching the third week. Sometimes ibuprophen would lessen the pain, but cramp bark or valerian root worked better because they made the gallbladder stop spasming. We made sure to avoid fried foods to keep upper back pain to a minimum.


This past week, after the Humaworm arrived, I started creating stronger doses of our formula.I read a story online about a woman who gave herself megadoses of wormwood as a “quick cleanse” but this seems a little risky. The lethal dose, according to my Medical Herbalism reference book is 10 mL. As one gets close to the lethal dose, the likelihood of problems like seizures and convulsions become a reality. Right now, our family it probably taking about 1.5-2.0 mL of wormwood each day and we’re definitely feeling better with each day that passes. If you plan to take wormwood for weeks or months, keep in mind that it can build up in the body over time.


This is our week 2 to week 3 formula:


Morning (upon waking):


Gaia (brand name) Wormwood and Black Walnut Supreme – 20 drops

HerbPharm (brand name) Black Walnut 1.5 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Clove 0.80 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood – 20 drops


2 Humaworm capsules

2 Arginine capsules

1 Tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth

Redmond Clay (brand name) 1 Capsule (it helps absorb some of the toxins produced during die-off)


Mary Ruth’s Organic Liquid Multi-Vitamin — 2 Tablespoons



Morning (30 minutes before lunch):


Gaia (brand name) Wormwood and Black Walnut Supreme – 20 drops

HerbPharm (brand name) Black Walnut 1.5 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Clove 0.80 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood – 20 drops


2 Arginine capsules


Afternoon (around 2:00 or 3:00 PM):


Gaia (brand name) Wormwood and Black Walnut Supreme – 20 drops

HerbPharm (brand name) Black Walnut 1.5 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Clove 0.80 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood – 20 drops


Grapefruit Seed Extract – 15 drops (YUCK!!!! But it helps detoxify your liver!)


2 Arginine capsules


Evening (30 minutes before dinner):


Gaia (brand name) Wormwood and Black Walnut Supreme – 20 drops

HerbPharm (brand name) Black Walnut 1.5 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Clove 0.80 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood – 20 drops


2 Arginine capsules




Gaia (brand name) Wormwood and Black Walnut Supreme – 20 drops

HerbPharm (brand name) Black Walnut 1.5 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Clove 0.80 mL

HerbPharm (brand name) Wormwood – 20 drops


2 Humaworm capsules

2 Arginine capsules

1 Tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth

Redmond Clay (brand name) — 1 Capsule


Gaia (brand name) Milk Thistle – 3 Capsules (for liver cleansing)


Mary Ruth’s Organic Liquid Multi-Mineral – 2 Tablespoons


As we approach our third week of doing this treatment we’re still completely healed but we’re much closer to it. I can wake up easily at a very respectable time of day without feeling like I might die. I’m sleeping much better now although I still have occasional bouts of insomnia. My sleeping patterns are quite a bit different now. I’ve awakened at 3:00 AM every morning for the past decade to lay awake in bed “worrying”. For the past week or so, I haven’t done that and I’ve enjoyed it. My night sweats stopped too. In fact, those stopped almost immediately after we started treating ourselves.


I’ve noticed that we all feel “cold” sometimes during the day. Our fingers will turn icy no matter what the ambient temperatures are. When this happens it seems to help to go for a walk and get our blood moving. I’m not sure why this is the case, but breaking a sweat seems to help the detox reaction pass. Logically, it seems like breaking a sweat and working out would make things worse, but as long as we don’t overdo it, the opposite has actually been true.


In a lot of forums that I’ve read, people are angered by the fact that their doctors don’t mention the possibility of a parasitic infection to them since diseases like lupus or arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder, Crohn’s disease, and IBS (just to name a few) could actually be caused by an infestation of parasites. As a medical writer, I’ve been lucky enough to get paid to research pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry which has given me insight into this strange problem. But I’ll talk about that more in my next article, Why Your Doctor Never Told You about Parasites.


12 Responses to “Treatment of Parasites for Humans”

  1. Megan Richter says:

    I have a three, nine, and twelve year old who needs a cleansing, as well as my husband and myself. How do I lower the dosages based on their weight? Also, my children will also refuse to drink DE mixes with water, so can I mix it into something else that would disguise it? I don’t think it has a flavor, but they will be repulsed by the sight and texture. I was thinking about yogurt, but it is dairy (though it does have live cultures). Maybe orange juice, which could help with alkalinity. The tinctures will also be hard to get down, and I was wondering if I could mix them as well. My 9 year old still wets the bed, he has horrible ADHD, mood swings, constipation, apathy, and isolates himself. He changed so quickly when he was three years old that I would have thought something traumatic happened to him if I had not been a stay at home mom. He went from having such a sweet temperament, to throwing constant temper tantrum and saying the meanest things (even manipulative things like “mommy I don’t love you” and when that didn’t phase me “mommy you are not pretty!”). He was never able to stop wetting the bed. We even tried medication, after I tried waking him up throughout the night (but he would not wake up, even when standing and walking). My 13 year old has ADHD with a focus on inattentiveness, he is constipated, he has frequent headaches and other random aches and pains uncommon for his age, he has trouble falling asleep and waking up, but his symptoms are much milder than my nine year old son. My three year old daughter is generally precious, does not have stomach issues, or any health issues other than the itchy vagina (which cleared up right after I gave her a dose of over the counter medication for pinworms which I explained in another comment to your experience with endometriosis I think it was). The only odd thing I’ve ever noticed about her is that her breath always stinks at night and in the morning (like an adult stench). I do not want to let this go on until she is infested with parasites, changing everything about her sweet, happy go lucky temperment and good health. I have all sorts of issues from constipation, stomach pain since childhood that was investigated with an upper and lower gi that found no abnormalities, food sensitivities, eye twitches and itches, ear itches, bad morning breath of death, I took allergy shots as a child, I can not focus and have word retrieval issues to the point that I’ve been convinced that I have ADHD/ADD as well, I’ve had depression and anxiety at times and blood tests have revealed deficiencies in B12, D3, and iron, I’ve had irregular periods that made me lightheaded, my last pregnancy two years ago was a miscarriage, I grinned my teeth so bad when I was pregnant with my daughter that I could barely open my mouth or chew (I think the parasites were not happy to have to set up shop in another area or share nutrients with something else), the list goes on and on. My husband is a combat veteran of Iraq, he has ptsd, a traumatic brain injury, chronic migraine headaches, restless leg (the worst case his doctor has ever seen), depression, anxiety, faulty memory and executive functioning (we never know what symptoms are stand-alone or a result of ptsd and tbi), he doesn’t have much stomach issues other than gas, he weighs more than he should based on diet and exercise (basically has to starve himself and workout likes it’s his occupation to be physically fit, and when he doesn’t do that he is about 40-50lbs over weight), he has eye twitching and itching, itchy ears, and who knows what else he hasn’t mentioned. I also believe he has some paranoia, but again that could be ptsd. Also nightmares, and not always combat related. He has fallen in a river of sewage in Iraq, and has had disentary from eating something local in Iraq. We are infested and I just know it. My youngest is the healthiest of us all, but now I worry about her uterus and making sure the pinworms die if they are in there as well. It would be amazing if all our minds cleared, if our attitudes changed, if our stomached stopped irritating us daily, and if my husband could reduce or eliminate his migraine headaches. Who knows what our life could be if we could eleviate half of our symptoms. Any advice on parasite cleansing aside from what you have posted (thank you so much btw) would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing. This has been the most helpful posts that I have read in my parasite cleansing research.

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Megan,

      First, I want to begin my response to your comment by saying that I’m not a doctor and you should ask your doctor before following any of my advice etc.…

      Second, I want to say that the body can heal itself. It’s designed to do this. Your daughter’s uterus may be infested with pinworms (or maybe not…who knows?) but it can heal and she can be fine. Your husband has been through a lot, but he can heal too. You can heal. Our bodies can go through a lot of things…a person can catch something awful like Ebola and linger at the brink of death and then heal be okay again…our bodies are amazing, especially when we’re active in taking care of ourselves.

      But it sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now in terms of your health. I want to give you a direction to take that’s simple and straightforward so that you can start to experience some results right away or at least be able to move on to a new set of possible solutions to your problems if it turns out that you don’t have parasites…

      Below are two links to medications that are regularly used to treat pinworm, hookworm, and roundworm infections in humans. They are both veterinary medications, but I assure you, our family has taken both of these meds many different times over the past few years:


      Pyrantel Pamoate:

      Choose EITHER the Albendazole or the Pyrantel for your first cleanse. Don’t take them together. Don’t take them at the same time. You could take Pyrantel one month and Albendazole the next…or you could take Pyrantel for several months in a row. That part is up to you.

      The Pyrantel Pamoate has dosage amounts for humans listed by weight on the outside of the bottle. As I understand it, this drug passes through the body and it works by paralyzing the worms. Once they’re paralyzed, they pass out of the body because they can’t cling to anything. Pyrantel tastes like cookie dough. Your kids will LOVE it, so make sure you put the lid on and store it in a high place….

      The Albendazole tastes more bitter and yucky. As a parent myself, I’d feel more comfortable giving pyrantel to a younger child because the dosage information is really straightforward. I can’t remember the Albendazole dosage that we take …I’ll try to find that information and get it to you, if you decide to take this medication instead (let me know).

      You could use wormwood or Diatomaceous Earth, but it takes longer to use these treatments. And if you’re really sick, and it sounds like you are, it sucks to linger in a state of detox for weeks on end. Normally, I’m a big fan of plant-based medicine over synthetic pharmaceuticals, but one of the reasons I recommend these two meds for your first big parasite cleanse is because it will be DIAGNOSTIC. You’ll take Pyrantel OR Albendazole for a 3 day course and then wait for a month. Do your symptoms start to return about a month later? If they do…that sounds like a parasite infection!!! This is one of the things that really confuses people about parasites…they cause problems in cycles. Malaria is a parasite and it works the same way. People get sick, they’re feverish and ill and then…they suddenly feel better. They think they’ve recovered, but then, on a cycle, they get sick again when the malaria reproduces and takes over again. When it comes to parasites, what you’re looking for is a cycle. DO YOUR SYMPTOMS WAX AND WANE IN A CYCLE? Your family may be so ill right now that you don’t know the answer to this question…so take the parasite medications and see if they make you feel better (following the 3 to 7 day detox). TAKE NOTES on your family’s symptoms before you begin the treatment. And THEN…DO THE SYMPTOMS COME BACK WITHIN ABOUT A MONTH? If they do…well, that sounds like a parasite infection.

      I want to emphasize that you’ll never get rid of ALL parasites and that this is never the goal. Having SOME parasites can actually make people less prone to things like allergies. In fact, some people travel to Cameroon to get hookworm eggs to EAT so that they can BECOME infested (because a healthy balance of the right parasites can lessen their allergies). What you need to do is create a balanced ecology in your gut…this will take time, but with each cycle you go through, you’ll feel incrementally better.

      You should TAKE NOTES and KEEP A JOURNAL of your symptoms so that you can clearly see the progress as you get better. The progress is often INCREMENTAL. You feel just a little bit better with each cycle. Don’t let this freak you out. Hang in there with the treatment as long as you’re clearly making little bits of progress.

      It sounds to me like there are a lot of things going on gut-wise with your family and it may take some time to tease it all apart to figure out what works for you. As an American citizen, it’s important to realize that there are a lot of problems with the food industry in our country…problems that are passed on to consumers like us (that’s the bad news), but the GOOD news is that you’ve realized that a lot of your family’s problems are coming from stomach upsets. You’re absolutely right about this…don’t let anyone tell you you’re crazy (even people with lots of “education”). As you start working on the problem, things will get incrementally better. Bit-by-bit…keep a diary to help you remember the day-to-day of your progress. This is so important when you’re really sick!!! It’s so easy to forget daily or weekly headaches when they slowly go away. But seeing the slow progress toward health can be really encouraging…an important landmark when you’re treating yourself without the help of diagnostics or knowledgeable/caring physicians.

      When we’re in the United States (about 3 to 6 months of the year), we’re very careful about what we eat. Like you, we like to feel good and we place a high value on being able to think clearly, so we buy mostly organic fruits and vegetables and we cook all of our own food (as opposed to eating in restaurants). We read labels religiously and we stay away from ALL REFINED SUGARS, GLUTEN, DAIRY PRODUCTS, TRANS FATS, and PRESERVATIVES. Are we crazy? Maybe. Do we feel good most of the time? Yes. When was the last time someone in our family vomited? Three years ago in India (due to parasites). How often do we feel sick? Hardly ever. But this wasn’t always the case. And it’s only true now because we take great care to eat well. We switched to this mostly fruit and vegetable based diet about 5 years ago and it changed our lives in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined.

      It may sound really difficult to avoid all the “fun” stuff like REFINED SUGAR (use Coconut Palm Sugar or Honey instead), GLUTEN (see for some excellent no-gluten bread and dessert recipes), DAIRY (Daiya is a great cheese substitute and rice, coconut, or almond milk works just as well as dairy), PRESERVATIVES (not hard to avoid if you eat mostly fresh stuff), and TRANS FATS (choose non-synthetic fats instead), but it’s not that bad. Honestly. These food items are addictive, so at first, you’ll crave them. You’ll think you need them. But two weeks to one month later, you’ll start to be amazed at how much better you feel. Your kids will turn into different people (even if they revolt at first).

      Commit to spending a month eating fresh grains like rice with fresh fruits and vegetables. Make curries and and healthy stir fries. Buy gluten-free pastas and organic spaghetti sauces. Have fruit smoothies for dessert. Use honey instead of refined sugars. See what happens…be prepared to be amazed, BUT GIVE YOUR FAMILY AT LEAST A MONTH TO DETOX before you assess their response to the new diet.

      If you decide to take the Pyrantel Pamoate or the Albendazole, be sure to take the correct dosage to kill roundworms and hookworms too. It’s a three day course of treatment for either medication (don’t assume that you just have pinworms—chances are you’ve got hookworms and roundworms too) and it’s important that you do the full three days (you don’t want the worms to become resistant to the drugs because you gave them too low of a dosage, giving them the opportunity to mutate). Then, expect a detox reaction that will last 3 to 7 days. Clean your house…wash the sheets during this time. Consider steam cleaning your carpets since your husband was obviously exposed to a variety of things in Iraq. I’ll have to look up what kinds of parasites are a concern in Iraq. I know that the Middle East has problems with hookworms (I’m not sure about Iraq specifically), and hookworms are a real drain…they literally suck the life right out of you if you have a heavy infestation. Order B12 and Iron supplements at the same time that you order the parasite medications. Of course, be mindful that iron can be poisonous if given in too high of a dosage to kids…but load everyone in your family up on B12. Write the date that you began taking the anti-parasitics on your calendar and then wait for one month…do the symptoms start to come back?

      If they do, then you probably have parasites. And if you start to feel icky again within a month after taking the Pyrantel or Albendazole, this is normal. A fresh batch of eggs have hatched inside your digestive system…that’s how parasites work. Pinworm eggs are in the air. Hookworm eggs can be absorbed through the skin. Roundworm eggs are literally everywhere. But don’t freak out about this…if you have a parasite infection, you’re going to experience a monthly cycle for a while. But as long as you continue to address the problem, with each cycle and each detox you’ll feel INCREMENTALLY BETTER…

      With this in mind, you may need to take the Pyrantel or the Albendazole once a month for a while. Don’t take it all the time. That would be hard on your liver and you need your liver to be healthy if you have parasites. REMEMBER…the goal is NOT to rid yourself completely of parasites. The goal is to create an ecological balance in the tube that runs from your mouth to your anus. There are lots of things living in this tube…our health is intimately tied to the health, balance, and harmony of the things living inside it. Consider getting yourself a Kombucha kit and some gluten-free, dairy free (etc.) probiotics.

      At the point that you realize that yes, you have an infestations of parasites (maybe you’ve seen them in your stools or maybe you’ve gone through a few “cycles” and you just KNOW) and that this infestation is making you seriously ill, you need to 1) try to reduce/balance the number of parasites in your system and then 2) begin working on your immune system in a more general way beginning with good nutrition so that the imbalance doesn’t happen again.

      Avoid addictive foods because if your immune system has been ravaged to the point that you’ve got a parasite infection, you need all of your calories to be nutritive. Take vitamins like Mary Ruth’s Vitamins and Minerals. Use Himalayan Sea Salt instead of refined salt because the soils in the United States have been overused and under cared for. Many fruits and veggies grown in our country lack essential trace minerals that are no longer found in our soils…Himalayan Sea Salt can help add those minerals back into our diets.

      If you or your husband (or your kids) have mercury fillings in your mouths, consider getting them removed and replaced with composite fillings. Our family just went and finally did this in January (6 weeks ago). It was unpleasant…I plan to write a few articles about it later, but I’m so relieved to have gotten it done. We went to Tijuana to American BioDental (it cost about 1/5 of what it would’ve cost in the United States). We had chelation therapy done at the same time to get heavy metals removed from our systems. This was a really recent thing…so I can’t say how it will improve our health just yet. BUT, before the fillings were removed and we had the chelation done, my husband actually had a dark gray coloring at between his gums and his upper lip…this completely disappeared after the fillings were removed and he had chelation done. He also had peach colored urine afterwards…which seems to indicate that he had some stones in his system which is interesting because he had gallstone symptoms several years ago. And certain markings on our fingernails changed almost immediately following the chelation and mercury removal. Fingernails are used as diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine…you might consider ordering a book with fingernail photos (or maybe do a search online)…the last time we did a parasite cleanse, all of us got a white spot on our pinky fingernails that slowly grew out over time.

      You didn’t ask about your husband’s PTSD specifically, and I would assume that he’s had some EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) work done, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless. It’s late right now and I just got back from Mexico…I’m writing this from a hotel room…but I feel like I have some resources I could throw at you specifically for PTSD. I just can’t seem to pull it up out of my brain. I know there are some bizarre, but effective treatments out there…it’s definitely wise of you to get healthy first and rid yourself and your family of the gut problems. Emotions and gut health are related things. Many of our emotions originate in the gut (literally). It can be almost impossible to tease apart which feelings are due to real events and which are due to tummy upsets. They can feel the same. And headaches can be caused by many things but a LOT of headaches are caused by problems in the intestines. A LOT!!! Sinus headaches often even originate in the gut… But for now, I just want to encourage you to keep searching for ways to improve your health and your family’s health. A parasite cleanse is a good idea given the symptoms you’ve described. I just talked to a boy at Barnes and Noble this evening who told me that when he went to Haiti, he got food poisoning the second day he was there. He had no antibiotics, but a woman in the village where he was staying cooked him a special stew made with stuff like goat and fish meat…and she brought him some tea too. He said he was really skeptical but he ate the stew and drank the tea. “I felt IMMEDIATELY better…” He said nodding and smiling at me. “I couldn’t believe it.”

      I said, “Makes you kind of question western medicine, doesn’t it?”

      He said, “Yeah, totally…”

      We should all be questioning western medicine. There are solutions to your health problems and your family is really lucky that you’re looking for solutions and that you’re willing to step outside of “conventional” medicine to find answers. Keep searching for answers to make your life better and you’ll find solutions for you and your family…This message will hopefully give you a place to start (Albendazole and Pyrantel) and as you get healthier, you can learn more and keep searching (and then tell other people about YOUR experiences—what worked, what didn’t). This SEARCH is REAL medicine…it’s a journey and it’s very human. All I can say at this point is hang in there!!! Things will get better, but don’t quit searching until you find the thing that works FOR YOU!!! Please keep me updated on your progress…

      Good luck!!!

  2. Hanah says:

    Hi there. I am trying to conceive and in my fertile week right now. I suspect I have parasites. Maybe some kind of pin worm or thread worm. I want to get rid of it fast. Is it safe to conceive this cycle if I have the worms? Also, you say no to wormwood while ttc, but what about the other you mentioned, black walnut or clove? I have some liquid garlic and oregano is this good too? Please help, I’ve been trying for 9 mos and really don’t want to stop of not needed. Thank you

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      If you’ve only been trying to conceive for nine months, and you’re sick due to an intestinal parasite infection, consider taking one month off and take a 3 day course of pyrantel pamoate or albendazole as a parasite cleanse. I’m not a doctor and I’m certainly not an expert in fertility, but if you feel very sure that you have a parasite issue that affects your daily life, one 3 day course of pyrantel or albendazole would noticeably diminish your worm load. At the same time though, if you aren’t really “sick” due to an intestinal parasite infection then taking anti-parasitics isn’t really necessary and in fact it may do more harm than good. You don’t want to rid yourself entirely of parasites when you do a parasite cleanse. You just want to diminish the number of worms in your body if there are too many and they’re making you sick. So if you aren’t sick from a parasite infection, don’t treat yourself for a parasite infection. If you get rid of all the parasites in your body you can make yourself susceptible to severe allergies, which isn’t desirable either.

      If you decide to use the herbs, you need to use the Wormwood, Black Cohosh, and Cloves TOGETHER because they work together to kill the parasites at different stages in their life cycle.

      Liquid garlic and oregano essential oil would be good to use to treat candidiasis, but don’t take oregano for longer than 2 weeks at a time. I don’t know if these herbs kill intestinal parasites. You could eat pumpkin seed butter or tahini with apples every day if you wanted to do a mild pregnancy-friendly parasite cleanse that would make intestinal parasites uncomfortable in your body without killing significant numbers of them.

      And finally, I want to say that it can be EXTREMELY stressful to try to get pregnant. There’s a lot of pressure on women to conceive…but don’t lose hope even if it’s been YEARS and you’ve had no success. I’m speaking from my own experience here as well as other women’s experiences too. Visit an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility, take a yoga class, and get a weekly massage. Find a hypnotherapist who works with fertility and issues surrounding pregnancy. Take time to relax. Take time to care for yourself as a human being. Love yourself and your partner. Accept yourself and your life as it is, if you can…

      As I write this, I’m aware of how all my words sound so trite and flippant…like I’m just rattling off platitudes and cliches. But I’ve been there before. I can’t number how many people said to me, “Don’t worry, you’ll have more,” after every miscarriage. But I never did. And now, 12 years later, I have no regrets that I never had more. This was my path and my path makes sense in retrospect. But though it wasn’t my destiny to biologically have more babies, it was my destiny to parent a lot of kids. So that’s all. I just feel like I need to say something like this in a thread that deals with pregnancy and fertility. Women matter whether their bodies produce offspring or not. Be a woman and love yourself the way that you would love a child. Follow your path and enjoy your youth and your libido and your sexuality as a gift in and of itself!

  3. Fe says:

    Your website is one of very few that explain this! Thank you! I am trying to conceive with no luck and the dots are connecting and I think I have parasites. I have traveled out of the country a lot and eaten lots of questionable food. Anyway, I dont know how to go about being diagnosed or if that is necessary? What type of doctor to see? I just ordered diatomaceoous earth and a wormwood/walnut/clove capsule on Amazon….can I just start taking it? I will be sure to not try to conceive for a while….but how long should I take these things and when can my husband and I try again?

    Thank you! I dont know who else to ask!

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Fe,

      The diagnostic tests for intestinal parasites aren’t very accurate and in the United States, it can be very difficult to find a good/trustworthy infectious disease specialist to make a diagnosis. The problem isn’t the infectious disease doctors PER SE, but rather the system fails to educate them about parasites. Intestinal parasites are a profitable opportunity for pharmaceutical companies that can cash in on chronic symptoms that can afflict patients for years, if not decades.

      That being said, I’m not a doctor, but I can tell you that I never went to see a doctor to find out whether or not I had them. If you do a parasite cleanse using pyrantel pamoate, albendazole, diatomaceous earth, or herbs like wormwood, black cohosh, and cloves and you later see worms in your stools, that’s a good indication that you have an intestinal parasite infection. Know that it can take a year or longer for the infection to begin to level out. The goal isn’t to rid yourself entirely of intestinal parasites, but to create a balanced ecology in your colon. Try to make peace with parasites! As with most of the organisms living in the colon, a few are okay, too many can make a person sick.

      My experience was that it took about a year to start feeling normal again and to have normal periods after I started the parasite cleanse. For about 1 year after that, I did a quarterly cleanse using pyrantel pamoate alternating with albendazole. If I traveled to a place like India where intestinal parasites are rampant, I did a parasite cleanse about a month after returning home. Now, I do a parasite cleanse once or twice a year.

      I’ve read in some places that diatomaceous earth may contain heavy metals. I haven’t confirmed this information, however. If you decide to take DE for an extended period of time, consider doing some chelation therapy in Tijuana to remove heavy metals after the worm problem has subsided. Otherwise go with herbs or use pyrantel pamoate or albendazole. I would recommend starting with herbs or Diatomaceous earth because if you have a severe infection, and you kill a lot of worms all at once, you could end up with an impaction (dead worms getting stuck in your intestinal tract). An impaction would have to be surgically removed, which is obviously not desirable.

      It’s my understanding that wormwood causes the uterus to contract. It can be taken if you’ve been skipping periods and it will help you start getting your periods again (no guarantees, but that’s one of the functions of wormwood). It doesn’t harm a growing fetus in the sense that it isn’t teratogenic. Wormwood causes uterine contractions so if you were pregnant and you started taking wormwood, the herb could cause a miscarriage.

      So you can try to get pregnant shortly after finishing a course of wormwood/black cohosh/cloves, but wormwood may prevent a pregnancy from happening. To be safe, I would wait for at least a week or two after you finish taking the herbs before trying to get pregnant if you think you have intestinal parasites.

      You should take the intestinal parasite treatment for as long as you need to. It will depend on the level of your infection. Remember, intestinal worm infection symptoms will occur in cycles so it’s important that you keep a diary and note symptoms as they wax and wane. A diary will help you note progress in your recovery from the infection and it will help you decide when it’s time to quit taking the medications. Because the medications/herbs/etc. kill parasites and the corpses of these worms causes a die-off reaction as they’re being purged from your system, it can be hard to tease apart the die-off symptoms from the worm infection symptoms. So again, keep a diary. A diary will help you tease apart the symptoms of infection from the symptoms of die off.

      Thank you for your comment and your questions! I apologize for taking so long to respond! I moved to Mexico from the United States in April and I’m just starting to get caught up on the blog…

  4. M says:

    I have been reading that a parasite cleanse should always precede a liver cleanse. I would like to do both, but I also am about to start a regimen for improving my egg health. I am willing to wait 3 months to do another IVF cycle, but I literally can’t wait any longer than that. Can I continue taking the supplements that will help with egg health during this process? I’m concerned the die-off will hurt my progress. How long do I have to do the parasite cleanse, and are you familiar with Dr Clark’s liver cleanse? This is the one I was considering (quick results)- so I would not include your liver cleanse supplements, but move right to this. I also have Candida (confirmed by blood test) and wonder if the parasite cleanse helps this, too?
    Right now, everything I decide is driven by improving egg health. Thanks for your reply!

  5. NICOLE says:

    Are intestinal parasites contagious? From person to person?

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Yes, intestinal parasites are contagious and they can spread from person-to-person. For example, pinworm eggs are lightweight and they can spread through the air. Hookworms can burrow in through the skin.

      One study in Yemen found that roundworm infections can be detected via ultrasound, but I’m not sure about other types of parasites. I would guess that some parasites MIGHT be detectable depending on the skill, experience, and training of the ultrasound tech, but honestly, I’m not sure. As far as liver flukes or other parasites like cyclosporiasis, I would say that NO ultrasound probably would NOT pick those up and if the ultrasound technician DID see an abnormality (like in the liver, for example), it would mostly likely be dubbed CANCER even if it was, in fact, a parasite issue (I’ve read that people with parasites are often misdiagnosed with cancer). Depending on your symptoms and the type of parasites you believe you’re infected with, I would consider doing an herbal cleanse as a DIAGNOSIS (take wormwood, black cohosh, and cloves and then look at your stools—are there worms in there?) as well as a TREATMENT. But REMEMBER, if you’re pregnant to NEVER USE WORMWOOD. Wormwood can cause miscarriage!

      I hope this answers your question! Good luck!

  6. NICOLE says:

    Are intestinal parasites contagious? From person to person? Also, I will undergone for a full abdomen ultrasound.. Will the intestinal parasites can be detected with an ultrasound? The ultrasound is so expensive so I want to make sure.

  7. Angelica Romero says:

    Hello, I find your article very/helpful and interesting. I am having fertility problems along with feeling awful. Just got confirmation I have tapeworms. I have a perscription called in, but is it safe to do your regimen alongside taking the prescription? I never thought I would have worms, it’s crazy! I have 2 kids from a previous relationship, all tests done by gyno for me and hubby we passed. He’s going to be treated for worms also. Thank you for writing this 🙂

    • Jennifer Smith says:

      Hi Angelica! How is your parasite cleanse going? It may seem crazy that you have to do a parasite cleanse because as Americans, we’re taught that worms are “dirty”. The truth is though, parasite infections are EXTREMELY common. I live in Mexico now, and here, they sell anti-parasitics over-the-counter right next to the Advil. It might be tempting to say that Mexicans are “dirty”, but that’s not really been my experience. Rather, I think that Americans are just not very well-informed about the pervasiveness of parasites! It’s pretty common for most people throughout the world to do a parasite cleanse at least 2 times a year! (That’s what my husband, daughter, and I do now). It’s very probable that anti-parasitics will make a big difference in the way you feel. Be aware though that tests for parasites are often pretty inaccurate. In other words, sometimes they’ll show that there’s a parasite infection and sometimes they won’t (even when there is an infection). Just a word or warning…if you still feel sick after the initial cleanse and the tests come back saying that you have no infection, you may in fact still have an infection.

      If you have a prescription for anti-parasitics, follow the prescription. Don’t double up on anti-parasitic medications. Sometimes this can actually have a canceling effect rather than making the medication stronger.

      You might consider “juicing” for health. This is where you buy a good juicer and then put about 20 pounds of fruits and veggies through it PER DAY and drink the juice. For meals, steam vegetables and only use Himalayan Sea Salt rather than table salt. Avoid refined sugars and use honey or agave nectar instead. The reason why I recommend juicing is because by removing the pulp from the fruits and veggies is because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is REALLY lack ing in nutrients because 1) the soils in the U.S. are depleted so that means that any fruits/veggies grown in the U.S. lack vital nutrients see the book Grassland ( and 2) fruits/veggies that are imported often come from a VERY LONG DISTANCE which means that their nutrients are also depleted. On top of that, many Americans eat out a lot, consuming things like MSG, trans fats, refined sugars, etc. These things can DEFINITELY lead to problems like infertility because a woman’s body needs a LOT of extra nutrients to support a growing baby. By hyper-nourishing your body by juicing and avoiding refined sugars (which compete calorie-wise with other nutrients) and refined salts (which can cause inflammation in the body), you can create an optimal physical condition for conception. Of course there are no guarantees, but juicing has done wonders for my health!

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